iPhone 11 Will Have Wi-Fi 6, Better Face ID and Three Cameras (Analyst)


The next generation iPhone could well be called iPhone 11 and works with the latest version of Wi-Fi. There are also three cameras and Face ID is improved. This prediction comes from Barclays.

The analysts of the bank also predict that the iPhone 11 will get new antenna technology. The triple camera would, in any case, be built into the 6.5-inch iPhone. These three cameras help you to take better pictures, provide more light and better color information.

It can also provide additional opportunities for augmented reality. It is possible that the third lens is actually no more than a depth sensor, instead of a complete RGB camera lens. Earlier today, a rumor from the Wall Street Journal confirmed a triple camera in the iPhone 11, while the successor to the XR would get a dual camera.

Wi-Fi 6 promises higher speeds, a wider range, improved capacity, and lower latency. It is also better secured and you can connect to the network faster. The number 6 may sound strange because the Wi-Fi Alliance previously used the letters a / b / g / n / ac / ax, but that is now a thing of the past. In order to make it easier for consumers, Wi-Fi technologies will now be given a regular numbering. Wi-Fi ax is the next major version that will switch to digits: Wi-Fi 6.

Probably the iPhones of 2019 get no 5G support, but so the latest generation Wi-Fi. To really benefit from it you will have to purchase a new router. Currently, they are not yet available. If you have a mesh system, you will need to upgrade it, because such systems are not yet available.

Last November, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the iPhone will get improved Face ID in 2019. Apple would also like to make the so-called flood illuminator more powerful so that less interference with ambient light will occur if you try to scan your face with Face ID. For users, it means that your face is recognized correctly more often.

Kuo also indicated in November that the antennas of the iPhone 11 will be slightly different, namely by using Modified PI. Apple would like to switch from liquid crystal polymer antennas for better performance and to ensure that fewer losses occur in production. The iPhones of 2019 probably get the same appearance as the devices of this year. If Apple listens to the audience, there is at least one thing that can still be tinkered, namely price.

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