iPhone 12 Concept Exposed With Triple Rear Cameras


Apple phones seem to be less and less innovated in the past few years. The appearance of the iPhone 6 has been used for 4 years, and now it is starting to eat the iPhone X. Looking at the performance of competitor Huawei, not only sales exceeded Apple, but even the newly released Huawei Mate 20 Pro is completely more functional than the iPhone XS. Recently, foreign media exposed a set of iPhone 12 concept renders, although still have a Notch, the function of the iPhone XS is really much stronger.

How powerful is this iPhone 12? Although the screen size continues to 6.5 inches OLED screen of Samsung, the screen resolution exceeds 4K, 4096 × 2160, 712ppi. How cool the screen looks like, the color and detail of the screen far exceed the iPhone XS Max. To know that only Sony has released a 4K ultra-clear screen mobile phone, and this time the iPhone 12 simply uses ultra-clear full-screen, even if there is bangs, it will not be unsightly.

The second biggest change is the camera. You can see that the iPhone 12 equipped with a triple camera design. These all lenses have 12MP, including a large wide-angle lens, and the photo area reaches 150 degrees. There is still a lossless zoom. Not only is there a big improvement in the camera, but the experience in AR will be even better, especially with the iPhone 12 to play AR games.

The front camera is also a 12MP with 4K video recording support. If only these changes are not enough for you to throw away the iPhone XS you just bought, then the third major change is to equip the iPhone 12 with a 5G network, will it attract you? If a large number of Android phones in the first half of 2019 are the first to release 5G network smartphones, we believe that Apple in the second half will definitely not be willing. Be aware that Apple has partnered with Intel to develop a 5G baseband.

Of course, in addition to the above 3 major changes, the 3D face recognition speed of the iPhone 12 will be faster, the battery capacity will reach 3500mAh, the 5W charger will be completely abandoned, and the most powerful A13 processor. It has been jointly developed with TSMC. If such an iPhone 12 is really released, the iPhone XS in your hand can really be thrown away.

Although this is just a concept of iPhone 12, compared with the iPhone XS series, there are new innovations and breakthroughs in appearance. If it is released, will it attract a batch of Android Smartphones to imitate plagiarism?

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