iPhone 12 Pro Max Appeared In a Concept With Stylus


If iPhone 12 Pro Max comes in accordance with the release rules, it should be the next flagship phone of Apple and it must be very high in the configuration. Recently its design has exposed with a notch-less display and there are rumors that the lighting interface will not be used. In fact, the outside world is still looking forward to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but at present, as the new flagship phone, it is certainly not cheap. Today, it appeared in a concept, so, let’s take a look together.

iPhone 12 Pro Max screen color is very bright, as you can see that the refresh rate is estimated to be relatively high, the refresh rate of 120 Hz can make the screen not jam when fast sliding. It is also worth noting that the iPhone 12 Pro Max Notched-screen is no longer available.

Its upper bezel is designed to be very narrow, and the front camera is designed on the upper bezel. The position is on the left side of the handset, and there are two front cameras. It seems that the iPhone is now focusing on the selfie effect.

In fact, Apple has long been speculated that a stylus will be attached, but it has not been implemented on the iPhone series, because after all, the size of the stylus is relatively large, and how to hide it inside the body is also a problem, but the iPhone 12 Pro Max is likely to come with a stylus.

iPhone 12 Pro Max may be equipped with under-screen fingerprint recognition technology, but Apple ’s technical capabilities may be higher, and it may be unlocked with full-screen touch. As long as the finger touches the screen, the fingerprint recognition and unlocking process can be completed, which is very fast and convenient.

For the cameras, its rear quad-cameras are still integrated on the lens module and it is in a square shape. The multi-lens appearance design can make the camera capabilities stronger. This has been initially verified on Huawei and Xiaomi phones. However, it is still unknown how many effective pixels the iPhone 12 Pro Max lens can reach. Can it reach 100MP? Pixels are unknown yet.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will also be equipped with the A14 processor. There is certainly no need to worry about performance, but whether it can be equipped with two-way wireless charging technology is currently unknown. There is also whether the capacity of the battery will continue to increase and whether the charging speed will be improved. It is also a matter of great concern to the outside world. If the concept renders of the iPhone 12 Pro Max can really be realized, and it is released for sale, so will you like and buy it?

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