iPhone 12 Renderings Leaked: Steve Jobs Aesthetic is Back


The foreign technology media foreign media released a new iPhone 12 Concept Phone today, which shows the square frame appearance consistent with the text report, the smaller front lens gap and The ToF’s four-camera system has been added, and the iPad and iPhone are unified in the whole family, so that everyone can appreciate the aesthetic changes that Apple may cause in the future. There are rumors that Apple will return to the classic design of the iPhone 4 a decade ago through the 2020 model. If so, the iPhone 12 will abandon the popular arc border, with a sharper square border, similar to the 2018 iPhone Pro.

As a result, the overall line of the iPhone 12 is more tough and unified with the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro styles. Although it seems a bit thick from the side, according to the iPad Pro experience, its thickness control will not be worse than the current smooth curved frame, even if the iPhone 12 may become a little thicker, there is a reason, that is – Liu Hai Will shrink.

There has been more than one rumor that Apple may be experimenting with prototypes that have no screen gaps or smaller screen gaps, miniaturizing the TrueDepth Face ID camera, handset, and front camera into the top of the phone, but this may cause the iPhone to thicken. The two-phase trade-off can get an iPhone with no sense of bangs or bangs, plus enough power for 5G, I believe users can accept it a little thicker.

According to foreign media design concept design and current intelligence, iPhone 12 may be Apple’s first four-camera phone. ARKit has become a powerful platform, and Apple AR glasses work slowly, but at least it seems to be smooth. In order for the iPhone to do a better job of AR, it is necessary to add a ToF (Time of Flight) lens to the rear camera system. Time-of-flight (ToF) cameras can measure depth more accurately than conventional cameras, making it an ideal choice for augmented reality applications. The ToF camera uses infrared light to draw the surrounding environment. It is used in conjunction with an IR sensor that emits an optical signal that then bounces off the subject and returns to the sensor. Then, the phone calculates the time it takes for the signal to bounce back to the sensor, creating a more accurate scene depth map than a normal camera.

One more ToF lens makes the iPhone 12 a four-camera phone, but we can’t be sure if it has the same degree of the bulge as the other three lenses. After all, the ToF lens may be smaller, and the PhoneArena will be symmetrical. Some three-bath Yuba superimposed into a four-photo bath, of course, we expect Apple designers to have magical operations. Some people think that Apple seems to be following the “three-year update cycle” on the iPhone design.

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In most cases, when the iPhone introduces a major design change, it will continue the same design iteration for three years until another design update. The last design change began with the iPhone X, and then on the XS/XR, iPhone 11/11 Pro, which made many people believe that the iPhone 12 would be the beginning of the next cycle.

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