iPhone 13 Pro Rendering: Full-Size Sliding Keyboard, 4K Screen Display


For the mobile phone with the classic sliding keyboard design, everyone’s impression is still in the feature phone era, because the screen size and body size of the feature phone are relatively small, and the only way to improve the efficiency of text input is through the design of the full-size keyboard. To achieve the goal, but because the full-size keyboard occupies a larger space, so it will adopt a side-slip design. If the iPhone is equipped with a sliding keyboard design, what will it look like? Foreign media released a set of renderings related to the iPhone13Pro. In this set of renderings, the iPhone13 Pro is equipped with a full-size sliding keyboard design.

The screen size of iPhone13Pro is larger, and the aspect ratio of the screen is no longer 19:10 but has reached the aspect ratio of 19:14, so the screen of iPhone13Pro looks slightly wider, but although the screen model has a very large frame Narrow, only 1 mm. At the same time, the iPhone 13 Pro will also cancel the Liu Haiping, so the iPhone 13 Pro’s straight-face screen looks more delicate, and the visual effect is even better.

The screen display color of iPhone13Pro reaches 1.07 billion colors and 4K-level retinal resolution and supports 120 Hz refresh and 500 Hz touch sampling rate. Although there is no notch, iPhone13Pro has a fingerprint recognition unlocking module at the bottom of the screen. The full-size keyboard of the iPhone 13 Pro can be opened by pulling the body. These keyboard buttons are made of rubber, which is silent during use and has good key travel feedback. In addition, in the process of opening and closing the keyboard, there will be a certain magnetic attraction to control the opening and closing state of the keyboard.

The body of the iPhone13Pro is made of carbon fiber material, so it can still support wireless charging under the premise of a sturdy body. However, because the body is divided into two parts, there are very strict requirements on the thickness of the battery. The battery of the iPhone13Pro is designed to be thinner, but the blessing of graphene technology can increase the battery power to 5000 mAh. At the same time, the 120W wired fast charging and 60W wireless fast charging can make the iPhone13Pro quickly resurrected.

The back of the iPhone13Pro is still a square lens module, but the number of lenses is the same as that of the iPhone12, which is still two. iPhone13Pro does not focus on taking pictures this time because of the selling point of the sliding keyboard. The rear dual lenses of the iPhone13Pro are both 50MP pixels, a 50MP super sensitive main camera, and a 50MP super wide-angle lens, and the sensor size of the main lens reaches 1/1.2 inch, so the photo effect is still very good.

When the sliding keyboard is not turned on, the iPhone13Pro is no different from the traditional iPhone. The left side of the fuselage still has a mute button and a volume adjustment button. The bottom of the fuselage is equipped with dual speakers and a charging port. The iPhone13Pro will be equipped with a brand new one. A15 Bionic processor, LPDDR5+UFS3.1 combination can ensure the performance of iPhone13Pro is very powerful. In addition, the iPhone13Pro will also increase the running memory to 8GB. It is said that the iPhone13Pro will also introduce the concept of dynamic memory, which means that part of the storage will be transferred to the running memory. The storage specification of the iPhone13Pro reaches 1TB, which can meet all your needs.

The design of the iPhone 13 Pro is very avant-garde, especially the design of the sliding keyboard is eye-catching, and the design without a notch looks better. Generally speaking, the design concept of the iPhone 13 Pro is still relatively advanced, and if it is launched, it will be imitated by domestic mobile phones.

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