iPhone 14 Pro Concept: Replacing the USB-C Interface


From the iPhone11 series to the iPhone 13 series released this year, apart from the change in the frame, it seems that there is not much change. I believe many netizens are looking forward to the fact that Apple can surprise us with the iPhone14 series. This group of imaginary pictures “brain open” even equipped the back of the iPhone 14 Pro with a secondary screen to display information such as time. This may be something that fruit fans can’t even think of. In the camera matrix part, the machine seems to use a four-camera system with an external flash.

Of course, these are all imaginary pictures, and there are many similar imaginary pictures. Recently, some media have produced a set of relatively “conventional” renderings.

This set of renderings shows that the iPhone 14 Pro has two main changes. One is that it uses a hole-digging design on the front, and the other is that the camera matrix area boundary on the back has disappeared, making it more integrated. Apple may not adopt the first point of design, it is estimated that it will still use Liu Haiping, but the area may be smaller. As for the second point, Apple may consider this design.

In addition, there was news before that that Apple was considering replacing the USB-C interface for the iPhone 14 Pro. If the news is true, then this will be one of the biggest changes in the iPhone 14 Pro.

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