iPhone 15 Pro Smartphone Design Unveiled


Today, overseas media exposed a group of iPhone 15 Pro renderings made by 3D artist LanZelbo. Similar to the previous design speculation, the design returns to the circular edge design, but there are some differences in details. Examples include USB-C to replace the Lightning port, a mute switch that resembles a capacitive button, and a change in the thickness of the lens module.

The renderings show a metal frame with a narrower display edge and a glass back that curves slightly around the edges to create a more seamless transition to the frame, similar to the 14 – and 16-inch MacBook Pros and the new M2 MacBook Air.

The screen doesn’t seem to have changed much either, and the Spirit Island still exists, though rumor has it that iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15Ultra(or ProMax) have 2500 Nits of brightness.

The two models in the iPhone 14 Pro series typically have a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits, with peak brightness rising to 1,600 Nits for HDR content and 2,000 Nits for outdoor use. Details are also not visible in the renderings, which may have to wait until the launch.

The port is also switched from Lightning to USB-C, though Apple will still apply MFi validation to USB-C. The camera on the back is also thicker than in previous models, which may have something to do with the speculated addition of a hidden telephoto lens.

But there are no other changes to the overall lens module design, with three lenses and a LiDAR scanner all arranged in a square module. In fact, iPhone in recent years in the image has not been particularly big improvement, and the gap with the Android camp is getting bigger and bigger.

In particular, the lack of a hidden telephoto lens makes it impossible to compete with Android in telephoto scenes. The addition of a telephoto lens to the Pro may come as a relief to most users, as Apple is finally moving up the video game a bit.

Side is similar to the capacitive buttons instead of physical buttons, according to analysts Guo Ming ð « “ creates earlier speculation that iPhone 15 Pro button will cancel the rest of the entity, but still will make the buttons in the corresponding region

It acts as a virtual button that uses a linear TapticEngine motor to simulate the feedback of a physical button, much like the Home button on the iPhone7 and 8 series. However, the iPhone 15 Pro will leave a button shape in the body frame, so that it is easy to find the key position to operate.

CirrusLogic, the exclusive supplier of the TapticEngine solid state key controller IC, says that if users respond well to the new design, it may be introduced in other high-end models in the future. That means future iphones will likely feature such a design.

The price of iPhone 15 is likely to be more expensive, as Cook has previously indicated a price increase.

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For reference, the Max128GB version of the iPhone 14 Pro costs 8,999 yuan, the 256GB version costs 9,899 yuan, the 512GB version costs 11,699 yuan, and the 1TB version costs 13,499 yuan, so the starting price of the iPhone 15 Pro series could be over 10,000 yuan or more.


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