iPhone 2018, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus: An Hands-On Video Shows All 3 Models


After numerous photos and images on the web, a video appeared that shows upcoming Apple smartphones. More precisely, most likely, these are layouts.  The guys from Mobilefun have just uploaded an exclusive video to their YouTube channel with the first images of what would be the iPhone 2018.

In this video of something less than 3 minutes long, we can see its entire design, as well as discover the differences between the three models that Apple will launch and the names with which they will reach the market.

In the video that we leave you on these lines we can see in detail those who next month will join the family of members of Apple. Three models very similar aesthetically but with notable differences, among which evidently stand out the size of the screen and the photographic section.

The largest model will be the iPhone XS Plus, with 6.5 inches, while the smallest will be named simply as iPhone XS, with 5.8 inches. Halfway between one and another we will find the iPhone 2018, for which the Cupertino company has chosen a diagonal of 6.1 inches.

In addition, in this video, we can also see that Apple is back to bet on two of the trends of this 2018: the notch and the reduction of frames. We do not have data on the rate of use of the front of the terminal, but as we can see in these images, this aspect is quite well worked in the new iPhone 2018.

Another of the unknowns that is resolved is that of the cameras that will accompany each terminal. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus will have a dual rear camera while the iPhone 2018 will be equipped with a single camera.

Although the models of the new iPhone 2018 have been leaked ahead of time, revealing their entire design, we still have a little more than a month waiting to officially meet the new iPhone 2018, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. It will be in the month of September when they go on stage, although the exact day is still unknown.

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