iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X vs Huawei Mate 10 vs LG V30 vs Nokia 8 vs Oneplus 5 vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8+ Battery


Right now smartphones hardware and camera performance become stronger and stronger, but however it is stronger, if it doesn’t have power, it will be out of use. So when we buy a smartphone, we may care much about the battery life.

Recently a Youtube user, XEETECHCARE has tested eight flagship smartphones to do battery test comparison, it turns out iPhone 8 Plus gets the last rank, and LG V30 gets the first rank.

During his test, he tested iPhone 8 Plus, Iphone X, Huawei Mate 10, LG V30, Nokia 8, Oneplus 5, Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, eight models in their battery life, he tested them by playing one hour music, searching one hour news on Instagram, searching one hour on facebook, play one-hour in Youtube, and then play one hour game.

After finishing five tests, and then turn on the phones’ camera, recording 4K film, until the battery uses up and turns off, during test, all phones have been adjusted the brightness to the maximum, and then turn off all devices and connected function, only turn on WIFI function.

The result turns out that LG V30, Oneplus 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 Plus have used over 6 hours, and then Apple iphone X, Huawei Mate 10, Nokia 8 uses between five hours to 6 hours, iPhone 8 plus supports less than 5 hours. So right now we can know which phone has best batter life.

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