iPhone 8 Will Change Lightning to USB Type C port


Today there are two latest news about Iphone 8, one is to use OLED screen, and Apple has ordered large enough parts for mass production. According to current situation, Apple will release three iPhone, one is iPhone 8 with OLED screen, 5.8 inch, which is the first time for Apple to use this kind of panel. The other two are iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s plus with 4.7 and 5.5 inch LCD panel.

In addition, Iphone 8 OLED version will ditch Home button to use a touch button. And iPhone will not use Lightning port that uses for many years, but adopt USB Type C port. Currently, there are more and more smartphones, tablet pc, PC and other devices use USB Type C port, and Macbook Pro has also used it before. It shows fast speed and convenient charging.

Therefore, in the near future we only need one USB cable to support Android devices and iphone. Although right now we can’t confirm this news totally, because others still leak that Apple will continue to use Lightning port, stay tuned more news about iPhone 8 here.


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