iphone 9,And iphone X2 Should Be On The 3D Face Recognition Apple Discard Screen Fingerprint!


You have this concern, then you can feel at ease. Many times accurately sent out the new Apple action. Resources given the news that Apple will be dedicated to promote their own face recognition (Face ID) results, next year will be a new generation of iPhone standard results. Plus attention, the latest daily mobile phone, computer, car, intelligent hardware information can let you grasp the whole hand. Recommended to pay attention.

Guo Mingchi stressed iPhone X Face Recognition achievements have not accepted a wide range of user testing, and deal with Apple, to bet the outcome is certain, because it can be assisted to highlight their lead in the mobile phone biometric technology, while the harvest 3D feel the design and production of the absolute advantage, technology , compared to other competing products.

Apple also has its own fingerprint identification plant, although they are also under the screen technology but has been fully launched face recognition, the iPhone completely discard the screen fingerprint is a certain effect. Guo Mingchi also believes that next year, many domestic mobile phone manufacturers will be launched under the screen fingerprints in addition to mobile phones, but the cost will not be too low, but to deal with the future growth trend of mobile phones, discard fingerprint recognition recycling more advanced 3D face recognition is for sure.

 Due to too much ahead, the Face ID results, so that Apple suffered a lot, at the moment is still busy solving the iPhone X production problems, it is said that the yield is better than before a lot of weekly production capacity of 400,000, But still can not meet the needs of the market, this year’s fare increase in the purchase environment should always exist.

In addition to the price of expensive, the user has been relentless to buy iPhone X another reason is that next year, if Apple from scratch to get back under the screen fingerprints, iPhone X this phone will be very embarrassing, who is not willing to When the mouse.

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