iPhone Concept Phone: Double Camera, Apple A13, Graphene Battery iPhone innovation


With the development of the times, iPhones believe that no one does not know, the iPhone has always been synonymous with expensive, of course, it is only when domestic mobile phones have not yet risen, now domestic mobile phones have risen, the most expensive mobile phones are no longer It’s an iPhone, and the iPhone doesn’t have the strength of the past. Especially the emergence of 5G mobile phones, the iPhone feels a huge crisis. Recently, foreign media exposed a new iPhone Concept Phone, according to the parameters and renderings. This concept phone has a lot of bright spots. Can this concept phone help the iPhone to stabilize its market position? Not much to say, let’s take a look at this concept phone.      The iPhone insists on self. According to the rendering of the exposure, the iPhone concept phone still adheres to the design of Liu Haiping in the design of the front screen. Under the wave of the full screen, it can design according to its own ideas and adhere to itself. Explain that the iPhone is really self-willed, it is enough to illustrate the strength of the iPhone. The screen size of the phone is 6.43 inches of high-definition display, the screen uses OLED screen, the screen can support eye protection mode, can better protect the eyes, resolution For 1080×2340 pixels, the aspect ratio is 19.5:9, the color ratio is 16 million, and the screen ratio is 90.3%. This kind of screen ratio can make us get the ultimate experience, whether it is watching or playing games. The saturation is 103.8% TNSC. Although Liu Haiping was adopted, it has to be said that it is still very beautiful, and it is considered to be the iPhone value online.

According to the design of the exposure, this concept phone is equipped with two cameras inside the forehead to get the bangs. Of course, there are also loudspeaker components in the forehead. The loudspeakers are designed to be uniform in size and are very precise in terms of workmanship. According to today’s mobile phone market, front-mounted dual-camera mobile phones are on the market today. Not many, but the dual-camera mobile phone is very hot in the market, very popular with consumers, the phone design method can better cater to consumers, the front camera of this concept phone is 12MP +1200 Ten thousand pixels, the large aperture is the variable intelligent aperture of F/2.2, and it is equipped with AI smart beauty, AI studio light effect, panoramic mode and other technologies.

According to the design in the rendering, the new concept of the iPhone concept is based on the rear three-shot mode, three cameras are vertically on the back of the fuselage, of course, there is an LED flash on the back of the fuselage. The flash can make the photos taken at night softer. The flash and the camera are arranged in a vertical column. The camera consists of a main camera, a telephoto lens, and a super wide angle. The concept camera has a rear three-shot of 24MP + 16MP + 12 Megapixels, a large aperture for F/1.6, F/2.0, F/2.2 smart aperture, we all know that although the iPhone is very good, the camera’s pixels are not very high, mainly rely on itself The technology will make the effect more realistic. The phone supports HD shooting of the 4K video and slow-motion capture of 960 frames.

According to the parameters, this concept phone is equipped with a 5000 mA non-removable battery inside the fuselage. The reason why it can achieve such a large capacity is that the graphene material is added to the battery, and the graphene battery is charged at any speed. Durable time and endurance are very good. The phone is equipped with 44W super fast charge and 27W wireless charging technology. It can charge mobile phones that support wireless charging and has excellent battery life. This concept phone cancels the 3.5mm headphone jack. Using the wireless earphone, the loudspeaker is designed inside the upper frame, which can better guarantee the quality of the call. The overall body is very perfect in the details processing. It can be said that in the innovation of new technologies, the iPhone still has absolute strength and the right to speak. This phone is a continuous product of iPhone innovation.

According to the data, this concept phone uses Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass on the fuselage material. This glass is Corning’s best glass at present, and it is excellent in abrasion resistance and resistance. Protected, the all-metal material is used on the frame, and the hand feel is very comfortable, which can raise the corresponding value for the body. This concept phone is equipped with Apple’s own Face ID, which is one of the world’s top face technologies and is quite high in the security index. This is also the iPhone with only Face ID. Face ID can support face payment without using the screen fingerprint technology.

According to the data, this iPhone concept new phone is equipped with Apple’s own Apple A13 chip, which is also one of the most powerful processors in the world. It is very powerful in performance, especially playing games. At this time, there is no such thing as Caton’s imagination. After using the mobile phone for a long time, it can still ensure a smooth operation. This is the biggest advantage of the system. On the system, it is also equipped with Apple’s own IOS 13 system, which is currently the most Strong system, even if Android has some gaps with the system, running memory is 6GB, storage memory is 128GB/512GB, and the large storage space can better meet the needs of consumers.

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The above is the author’s introduction to this iPhone Concept Phone. In your opinion, what about this iPhone concept phone? The author believes that this concept phone is very good in all aspects, and the design of the appearance is also in line with the current market standards, which is considered to be the iPhone value online. In the design of the rear, it is also a trend-based design. The hardware that is carried on the performance is very strong, and it is truly innovative. However, the only shortcoming of the aircraft is that it does not support the operation of the 5G network. Can this new iPhone concept help the iPhone stabilize its market position? let us wait and see.

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