iPhone SE 2 Will Debut: Apple’s March Conference is Coming Soon?


It has been half a year since Apple released the iPhone XS series. According to the usual practice, Apple, which has been quiet for half a year, is about to release heavyweight new products in March. From the current news, AirPower charging board, AirPods wireless charging box, and second-generation AirPods will be the focus of this conference. In addition, the most anticipated by consumers is the full-screen version of the iPhone SE, a new generation of iPhone SE. Since the mobile phone industry entered the era of a full-screen giant screen, we can no longer find similar iPhone SE. A phone with a strong sense of control.

Presumably, many consumers are eagerly awaiting the iPhone SE 2 – the iPhone SE can continue its compact size and use the full-screen design elements so that you can balance both the feel and the high-screen ratio. The iPhone SE 2 will be designed with the likes of iPhone XS. It seems that Apple still has no problem with the under-the-camera camera, but the width of the iPhone SE 2 front panel is much narrower than that of the iPhone XS. So, visually, the area of ?? the notch on the front of the iPhone SE 2 will be larger. Thanks to the Face ID unlocking method, the iPhone SE 2 has the Home button removed from the front and uses the same gestures as the iPhone XS.

iPhone SE 2 will use the metal middle frame that Apple has used up to now. According to Apple’s routine, the flagship machine is already equipped with dual card dual standby. There is no reason to locate the mid-end iPhone SE 2 without bringing double card pairs to consumers. Waiting for function.

In addition to these regular upgrades, the iPhone SE 2 has the most eye-catching upgrade on the back of the phone– first, the iPhone SE 2 is not using the all-metal body of the previous generation, but instead uses the trending glass backshell, which can bring the phone to the mobile phone. A better feel, on the other hand, you can also add wireless charging.

The iPhone SE 2 will not let us down in terms of configuration. According to foreign media, the iPhone SE 2 will be equipped with the A12 bionic processor used by Apple’s flagship machine, supplemented by 3G+64GB/128GB storage combination.

For a camera, the iPhone SE 2 will feature a 12-megapixel rear camera + 5-megapixel front camera. It’s worth noting that the pixels of the iPhone SE 2 rear camera are the same as those of the iPhone XR, so we have reason to believe that the iPhone SE 2’s camera experience will not be worse than the iPhone XR.

Disappointingly, Apple only equipped the iPhone SE 2 with a 1700mAh battery. Although the iPhone SE 2 has a smaller power consumption, the 1700mAh battery is too small. It seems that it is necessary to go out with a charging treasure. The situation is gone.

After reading these above configurations, I believe that everyone is coveted about the iPhone SE 2, but think about the price of Apple products, I think everyone is discouraged by the iPhone SE 2.Perhaps because the iPhone XS series has made Apple realize the impact of high sales on sales, Apple has not adopted the usual “fruit price” for iPhone SE 2.

According to the Korean media “Seoul Economy”, iPhone SE 2 is expected to be launched in March 2019, and the price is roughly the same as that of iPhone 7, in the price range of 399-499 US dollars (2703-3381 RMB).

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In addition, in terms of price, perhaps influenced by the market, perhaps due to the flagship setback reminder, iPhone SE 2’s mobile phone almost refreshed the lower limit of Apple’s new phone. I believe that the combination of these factors will definitely make the iPhone SE 2 another explosion-proof small-screen mobile phone.

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