iPhone SE2 Concept Phone: Dual Body Screen, Rear 4 Cameras


Foreign media previously exposed Apple’s small-sized flagship phone, iPhone SE2, to be released at the same time, and based on the relevant exposure information. A set of conceptual renderings related to iPhoneSE2 was produced. In this set of conceptual renderings, the iPhoneSE2 rear camera has been upgraded to two And the bottom bezel of the phone was canceled.

Design iPhone SE2

Although iPhone SE2 is a small-sized flagship phone, there are still some differences in the layout of the screen. The design of the iPhoneSE2 in the concept map should lead to a completely new design solution. The upper border part of the phone is retained, while the lower border part is directly canceled. Although the design scheme of Liu Haiping is not adopted, compared with the previous iPhoneSE, the screen display area of ​​the same body size has increased a lot. However, one of the very interesting designs is that although iPhone SE2 canceled the lower border of the phone, a separate small screen design was used in the original lower border area. The size of this small screen is similar to the original lower border.

Size, but it can display different content from the main screen, at the same time, the screen of the lower frame part of iPhoneSE2 also supports the fingerprint recognition and unlock function under the screen. This completely independent screen design is still very practical.

iPhone SE2 Cameras

The small screen of iPhoneSE2 also has quick operation functions. For example, in the state of taking photos. iPhoneSE2 can quickly zoom in or out by sliding the screen in the lower border part to perform zooming. In addition to quick control. The lower border of the iPhoneSE2 can also simulate the full black state of the screen. From the front. It looks almost the same as the traditional iPhoneSE.

The rear camera of the iPhoneSE2 adopts the design of the horizontal arrangement. And the dual-lens arrangement is adopted in one lens module. However, on the back of the iPhone SE2, there are two rear lens modules. And each lens module contains two rear cameras.

This means that the number of iPhoneSE2 rear cameras has reached 4. But these 4 rear cameras The camera does not use the same lens module. And this design of four rear cameras is currently the first time on an Apple phone. But the changes in the lens hardware configuration are still unknown.

In terms of hardware configuration. iPhoneSE2’s processor may not be equipped with Apple’s latest A14 processor but will continue to carry Apple’s A13 processor. Because iPhoneSE2’s main competitors are still domestic mobile phones such as Xiaomi and Huawei, so in terms of cost. iPhone SE2 will not use the latest hardware processor. Because Apple’s A13 processor is also sufficient.

Do you think you can accept the design appearance and hardware parameters of the iPhone SE2 concept rendering? If iPhoneSE2 really goes on sale according to the design in the concept renderings. Will you support and buy it for the first time?

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