iPhone SE2 Smartphone Hands on Images Leaked


With iPhone SE2 leaked more recently, Apple official doesn’t deny its exsitence and seems admiting the exsitence. a few days ago, iPhone SE2 hands on images leaked. It uses top notch screen, claiming the small version of iPhone X. Today its screen protector has been unveiled, so its phone must exist.

According to exposed screen protector, it is as large as real hands on images, this phone uses small screen, in addition, its top notch zone is a little larger than that of iPhone X, maybe due to small screen. The phone obviously will not use Apple A12 or A11 processor, or the price will increase a lot. iPhone SE2 will use Apple A10 processor, no chin, so its physical home button has also disappeared.

In addition, according to Apple official,’We never consider fingerprint scanner on its back’, so in the top notch, it will add 3D face ID. We can consider it as the lower version of iPhone X, besides screen size and processor, glass body, wireless charging, non-earphone jack are same as that of Iphone X.

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So it uses A10 processor, and smaller screen, the price will be much cheaper than iPhone X. When iPhone SE2 comes out, it will be a big impact on Xiaomi and Huawei. It is said it will sell around 3,500 yuan, $600.


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