iPhone X 2 Will Use Same Full View Display as Xiaomi MI MIX 2


This year iPhone X adopts OLED screen, provided by Samsung, although it is full view display, the smartphone  fringe design has got some bad feedback from users, the most important factor is that developers will optimize about its current apps specially. According to latest news, although Apple iPhone uses OLED screen, it doesn’t mean they will abandon LCD display thoroughly, right now they are communicating with JDI secretly, hope it will offer Full Active technology.

Although it looks very high-tech, Xiaomi MI MIX 2 is using JDI full view display, if so, iPhone X 2 will also use same screen.

According to Apple practice, iPhone X 2 will finish basic concept design in March, 2018, and currently it is too early. About this rumor, Japan Display mobile administrator, Kazutaka Nagaoka has shown on press conference at Tuesday that Full Active users are mainly from Chinese manufacturers, including Xiaomi MI MIX 2 Bezel-less smartphone, but he refused to leak other potential customers from other countries. We are looking forward to see iphone X 2 will use same Full HD screen as that of MI MIX 2.


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