iPhone X Fold: Here Is the New Folding Smartphone By Apple


The first to introduce one was Samsung, soon after came Huawei. Xiaomi had already shown it before the others, while Apple talks about it. There are patents, tests, but apparently, we will have to wait a lot to see it done. The first foldable iPhone is not yet born and while the mythical Woz is racking its brains, there are those who try to imagine how it could be achieved by making a complete video concept.

Antonio De Rosa is not the first designer to imagine iPhone X Fold and it is not even original in shape: it is almost a copy of the previous concept and faithfully imitates the ideas already implemented by Samsung with its Galaxy Fold. Between the central hinge with the Apple logo and the dual display, the differences are minimal but what seems most interesting is the content management.

It is still early to know if the foldable iPhone (if it ever comes) will be like this, but the idea of ​​putting the widgets in the internal screen in the foreground is not to be discarded, allowing users to quickly access features like Music, Weather and Siri simply opening the phone like a book was a book.

The one shown in the video is a small trick that would make iOS even smarter and intelligently exploit all the extra space available on a device of this type.

The rest of the hypotheses prepared by the designer concern the technical aspect: the external screen should have a 6.6-inch diagonal while the internal one is a square display with an 8.3 ”diagonal and in both cases it would be a Super Retina with 514 PPI. Finally, the packaging is fun, enhancing the phone opening system.

For now, we have no indication that there is even a prototype of the iPhone foldable. We will have to wait until 2020, meeting the market analysts’ estimates and that is where we should have the final product.

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