iPhone X Fold: The Concept of the Apple Folding Phone


The future of smartphones is probably that of folding screens. Huawei and Samsung have already officially presented their devices that adopt a completely different system given that Hauwei’s Chinese company has preferred an outdoor folding panel while Samsung positions it internally, while also guaranteeing a second smaller external panel. The question that many people ask themselves now is what Apple will actually do, if they want to throw themselves headlong into this new category of device that is really being born.

The answer is clearly not simple. There are no rumors or news on what Apple and its management think of these devices and a possible iPhone with a folding panel. Clearly, users loyal to the bitten Apple are hoping for Tim Cook & Co.’s development of such a device and some designers have already thought of making renderings of what a hypothetical iPhone X Fold could be.

Antonio De Rosa is clearly not the first designer to have had the idea of ​​making a video of a possible iPhone with a folding display. In fact, however, what has been done seems to resemble a lot of what Samsung has done with its new Galaxy Fold, even if, watching the video, the differences seem to concern above all the interface and the content management imagined by the designer.

Here, in this case, with iPhone X Fold you could have full-screen widgets in the foreground that make everyday smartphone tasks easier and more immediate. For a completely closed iPhone, there is a nice large display with notch included, capable of creating the classic iOS graphic interface.

Once opened, however, the system changes thanks to a larger folding panel. Here on one side the Home with the various icons of the app while on one side all the widgets always proposed and therefore usable when needed.

At the design level, as mentioned, the resemblance to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is back, perhaps too much. Here, according to the designer’s statements, we could opt for the presence of a 6.6-inch panel on the outside which then becomes a good 8.3-inch panel on the inside once opened.

Here is a dual cam capable of assisting together with the main external triple sensor. Funny also the sales package designed by De Rosa with a triangular prism-shaped packaging.

However, there is a damper in the story. Both the video and most of the information about Apple’s foldable is based on rumors. The group itself has not made any official statement about whether he works on a folding smartphone at all. The name iPhone X Fold is therefore far from secure.

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