iPhone XI Concept Design Exposure, Using Type-C Interface, Price Or Higher!


Apple has released three new models of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR this year, the design is aligned with last year’s iPhone X, unified use of “notch” full-screen design. However, not all consumers can accept the current iPhone styling, and some people have recently issued a concept rendering of the iPhone XI online!

You can see that the concept design iPhone XI and now iPhone XS series the biggest difference in appearance, is its frame design, the border is more distinct edges and corners iPhone XI, at first glance, and iPhone 5s phone the same. To be precise, on the iPad Pro that Apple just released, the border is the design style of this square.

However, considering the large-size version of the iPhone, the use of the square frame design is expected to have a great impact on the grip feeling.

The iPhone XI concept rendering also shows that the next generation iPhone will abandon the lighting interface and switch to the Type-C interface. On this year’s iPad Pro, Apple has adopted Type-C instead of the lightning interface. I don’t know if the iPhone next year will do the same. Apple gave up its own data line standards and switched to the embrace of the public standard. If this is the case, I believe this is what most consumers want to see.

After seeing the renderings, some netizens expressed their opposition: the appearance of iPhone 4 has been used for 4 years, and the appearance of iPhone 6 is also 4 years. The design of iPhone X’s notch is no exception, at most, it is fine-tuned. Liu Hai gets a small point, adds a gradient, and doubles to take three shots.

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As we all know, Apple’s confidentiality requirements for iPhone products are very high. The appearance of the new products can only stay at the guessing stage. No one can guarantee that their guess is correct until the last second of the conference. However, if the next generation iPhone is really designed like this, don’t know if you like it?

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