The New Apple iPad Pro Runs Out Of The Way To Single Out Two Snapdragon 845!


In the evening of October 30th, the new iPad Pro was officially released, offering both 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions. The new iPad Pro features a full-screen design with a more powerful A12X biochip that measures 11 inches and 12.9 inches. At present, the Geekbench running score of the new iPad Pro has been released, and the multi-core running score is enough to suppress the two Android flagships!

From the Geekbench website’s new iPad Pro running points, the A12X bionic chip has a single-core running score of 5030 points, and the multi-core running score has reached a terrible 17995 points! What is the concept of 18,000 points? To know that the multi-core running points of the Android flagship machine are mostly around 9000 points, the multi-core score of the A12X bionic chip has reached 2 times that of the Android flagship machine, overlooking the entire Android camp.

The A12X biochip uses 8 CPU designs, 4 cores + 4 small cores, and integrates Apple’s self-developed 7-core GPU. The official said that its CPU single-core performance has increased by 35% compared with the previous generation, and multi-core performance improvement is as high as 90%! Judging from running points, this statement is true. At the same time, in the device information of Geekbench, the running memory of the new iPad Pro is up to 6GB! Significantly surpassed the iPhone XS series and the previous generation of iPad Pro 4GB, multi-tasking capabilities will be significantly improved.

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This year’s new iPad Pro uses a narrow bezel design, thinner and lighter, equipped with performance monster A12X chip, while supporting Face ID face unlock, switch to USB-C interface, the price of National Bank 11-inch 64GB is 6499 yuan ($934.95), 12.9 inches The starting price is 8099 yuan ($1165.12).

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