iPhone XIR Appear In a Concept With Water-Drop Notch


What kind of design will adopt the next gene iPhone XI? At present, there are many rumors about Apple‘s next-gen Smartphone. Some say that the Notch will be canceled. Some say that they will use the water-drop Notched screen design. Others still say that Notch’s design method will still be retained.

However, if they cancel the Notch, it means that iPhone XI will abandon the biometric encryption method of 3D face recognition unlocking. Recently, a foreign media released a set of concept renders about iPhone XIR. In this set of concept render, iPhone XIR features a water-drop Notch screen design, while the rear camera is still a single lens. At present, iPhone XIR is an upgraded version of iPhone XR.

The iPhone XIR’s rules for naming the iPhone XR are the rules. For example, the X in the iPhone X represents 10, so the next-gene XI stands for 11, so there will still be an iPhone XIR version with a rear-single lens. The iPhone XIR still uses a full-screen design, while the large Notch is canceled on the screen, and the water-drop screen design is used which is not uncommon, it is the first time on the iPhone. The design of the water-drop screen is higher than that of the trendy Notch design screen, but the defect is that the face recognition unlocking module cannot be carried, so there are advantages and disadvantages in comparison.

After the iPhone XIR is equipped with a water-drop screen design, the bio-encryption method will adopt the screen fingerprint recognition unlock. By adding the screen fingerprint recognition to compensate for the cancellation of face recognition unlocking, it is also a compromise. At present, many Chinese mobile phones like to equip both 3D face recognition and on-screen fingerprint recognition technology. In fact, this is a waste of resources. One of these 2 technologies is enough.

The iPhone XIR’s rear camera has only one lens, but the TOF 3D lens is also designed on the body. This TOF 3D lens can be used for a variety of shooting purposes, and the content is very rich. At the same time, the TOF lens is also one of the trends of the mainstream lens. By performing stereoscopic painting in the air, only the TOF3D lens can see the painting content in the air, which is very interesting.

The iPhone XIR’s rear-mounted single lens is said to use the industry’s highest 48MP Sony lens which is currently the highest specification in the phone, and with 10x optical zoom, the iPhone XIR is still in the camera. Although not a rear dual camera design, this high-spec single lens is no match for taking pictures.

In addition to the TOF3D lens, the iPhone XIR will also have a water-drop screen design and the hardware parameters will be upgraded. It is said that it will be equipped with a new Bionic A13 processor, and the memory will be improved. So, do you like this set of iPhone XIR concept render and hardware parameters? If iPhone XIR is really on sale in accordance with the design and hardware parameters in this set of concept render, so, would you support and buy it?

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