iQOO 120W Super Fast Flash Charge: 4000mAh Battery Fully Charged in 15 Minutes


iQQO released a iQOO 120W Super Flash Charge the phone and announced that it will be mass-produced. Subsequently, the official made a picture to understand how the 4000mAh battery charges 50% in 5 minutes and 100% in 15 minutes.

According to the official introduction, iQOO proposed a bold hypothesis of a 15-minute full 4000mAh battery in April 2019. After more than 1 year of research and development, the 120W ultra-fast flash charge was officially released in July 2020.

iQQO’s 120W ultra-flash charging industry debuted 6C batteries, which doubled the current passing capacity of the industry’s mainstream level while using 98.5% high charge conversion rate dual charge pump technology, based on iQOO generations FlashCharge 44W, load capacity increased 2- 3 times.

In addition, in order to achieve 120W ultra-fast flash charging, iQOO also uses an array-type ear structure cell phone battery for the first time, which further reduces the cell impedance and controls battery heating from the source.

Not only that, but iQOO also upgraded the intelligent temperature rise control. The charger transmits the temperature information to the mobile phone through channel 1. The mobile phone will also control the charging power according to the temperature of the charger to ensure the normal use of the system.

In addition, for better heat dissipation, iQOO’s new flagship VC liquid-cooled heat dissipation has also been upgraded, with multiple layers of heat dissipation through multiple layers of graphite, soaking plates, high aluminum alloy middle frames, and double-layer graphite heat sinks.

iQOO’s 120W ultra-wide flash charge also supports 110V-240V wide voltage input. Even in low-voltage scenarios, the charger can guarantee a maximum output power of 120W.

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It is reported that the new iQOO 120W Super Flash Charge will officially launch the 120W ultra-fast flash charge in August, and more news will be announced later.


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