IQOO 8 Preheats: Support LTPO Refresh Rate 1-120Hz Stepless Variable Speed


IQOO will hold a new product release conference at 7:30 PM on August 17, when it will launch a new generation of flagship model iQOO 8 series mobile phone “full sensing control, hair-trigger! Virtual and real conversion to create the ultimate experience for you.”

Today, the official pre-heated iQOO 8 will be equipped with the latest LTPO refresh rate continuously variable speed technology, 1-120Hz for multi-scenario adaptation optimization.

LTPO Adaptive Refresh is a screen technology that has become popular among manufacturers this year, with Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus and others all carrying LTPO OLED screens in their latest flagship phones.

IQOO 8 will be the global debut of E5 high brightness luminescence material, native 1 billion colors, 2K resolution, 517 PPI pixel density, Igeekphone has learned. The iQOO 8, however, does not adopt the under-screen proactive camera currently available from many manufacturers. Instead, it continues to use a front-centered perforated lens.

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 iQOO 8 is expected to be powered by snapdragon 888 Plus processor, 12GB+4GB memory expansion, Android 11-based OriginOS, large-bottom main camera, high-power periscope head, wireless charging and infrared support.


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