iQOO Neo Exposure: With Lenovo Z6 Comparison, Which One is the Better Choice


Lenovo Z6 said that it will be officially unveiled in Beijing on July 4, two It’s only two days before and after the release date of the model. I wonder if it happened to be intentional or not? So, what is the difference between the two models? Let’s look at it together.

In this view of the face, the value of the face is always the primary standard for consumers to choose the model, this iQOO Neo, and Lenovo Z6 performance is not inferior. Both use the water drop screen design to enhance the screen ratio and have a stronger visual experience. It is a good choice for those who like. Interestingly, the two models also use the screen fingerprint unlocking technology, which not only avoids the fingerprint imprinting on the back but also further enhances the appearance of the phone, the unlocking speed is fast and the technology is stronger.

In terms of performance configuration, Lenovo Z6 is equipped with the mainstream Snapdragon 730 processor, the highest frequency up to 2.2GHz; and iQOO Neo is not unusual, equipped with the 845 processor currently rare in the mid-end market, The highest frequency is 2.84GHz, which will undoubtedly be superior in running speed, and can keep the picture too natural and smooth. In addition, in a mid-range machine dominated by the 7 series, iQOO Neo has raised the market demand, which is still user-friendly.

Of course, the performance of the powerful model is not a big one, and the performance of the two models can be said to have not disappointed consumers. iQOO Neo selected 4500mAh+22.5W battery life plan, Lenovo Z6 has mainstream 4000mAh, supplemented by 15W fast charge blessing, from the data point of view, the former whether the battery capacity or charging power is higher than the latter. However, if it is used daily, the two models are still sufficient, but in the daily emergency, iQOO Neo’s performance will be more brilliant.

As for the performance of the photos of the Lite version, from the current exposure of the real machine map, the rear is using the mainstream three. It is reported that Lenovo Z6 three cameras are respectively 24 Megapixel main camera + 8 Megapixel zoom lens + 5 Megapixel blur lens, providing a hardware foundation for high imaging rate; and iQOO Neo should be configured with dual-core 12 Megapixel masters like iQOO Take a photo of a 13-megapixel super wide-angle lens + 2MP imaginary lenses, or with super night scenes, super-backlighting, super wide-angle and other camera modes, with high imaging rate and more camera play. For those who want to travel on holidays, it is definitely another Good choice.

Finally, it is time to reveal the price. Let’s first look at the iQOO Neo model. From the official website of vivo, the current price of iQOO is 2698 yuan ($391.84), which is iQOO’s “Youth Edition” iQOO Neo, in terms of price. Will not pull too close, starting at 1798 yuan ($261.13). As for the Lenovo Z6, from the price of Lenovo Z6 Pro 2899 yuan ($421.04) to the price of Lenovo Z6 Youth Edition 1099-1699, it is probably also 1799 yuan ($261.28), estimated to be similar.

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After some introductions, it is not difficult to find that the two models may have the same performance, camera, battery life and details in addition to the same price and appearance. Because of the parameters and mobile phone features, iQOO Neo does. More forceful. Not to mention the software optimization of super liquid cooling, touch acceleration, Multi-Turbo multi-turbo acceleration engine, which has been exposed earlier, will be the flagship standard in the game experience. However, in the end, the result is naturally announced later.

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