Iron Man 1/1 Mark3 Full Scale Wearable Helmet Mask Replica Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Marvel’s Iron Man went a long way to get from Tony Stark’s improvised Mark I iron suit to his final version, the Mark III. But ultimately, the suit seen in movies and comics represents a finished product that makes Iron Man an almost unbeatable superhero.

Design & Features

Marvel Iron Man Mark III helmet is a detailed replica of the helmet that the famous Stan Winston Studios prop house made for the movie. The iron helmet is made of PC/ABS, hand forged and painted in red & gold. On the inside, a padded lining makes this helmet very comfortable and the included helmet stand makes it very easy to use this limited edition helmet as a decorative element.

This iron man cosplay helmet is made of high-grade material, smooth and even painting. Fine workmanship, no smell. It looks cooler with LED lights and lets you have a feeling of being a hero. Illuminated eyes, impressive sound fx, and detachable faceplate are Premium Role Play quality. The detailed interior mimics serious circuitry. The finish creates an illusion of advanced alloy construction. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark III Helmet is an awesome addition to any cool collection.

With advanced technology, Tony Stark and his metal-plated alter ego, Iron Man, outsmart and overpower evildoers. The Iron Man Mark III Helmet strives to recreate Marvel’s iconic hard-shelled hero. The Iron Man Mark III Helmet has a magnetized faceplate that can be completely detached and reconnected, triggering glowing LED eyes and dramatic sound effects. The interior simulates ultramodern electronic design. The exterior boasts Premium Role Play detail and a beautiful finish. Peerless sculpting and deco recall Stark Industries’ state of the artistic genius.


The Marvel Legends Iron Man Mark III Helmet is perfect for both serious collectors – who are looking for the ultimate conversation piece – and enthusiastic cosplayers – who are trying to impress friends at the comic convention with a movie-inspired Iron Man helmet. The Iron Man Mark III Helmet can conjure the feeling of suiting up as Iron Man. we can buy from TOMTOP at $147.79 after using coupon code: HY40SM and 220 points to enjoy price


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