Is Apollo Lake Celeron N3450 featuring in the Chuwi Hi13, that’s good!?


Chuwi has released several models in Chuwi HI series, such as Chuwi HIBook, Hibook Pro and Chuwi HI12 with top high resolution, now Chuwi finally launched its new tablet pc, Chuwi HI13 in Feb. It is famous for original surfacebook 13.5 inch screen with 3000 * 2000 resolution, powered by latest  Apollo lake N345 processor, and new design of Goldmont architecture. Therefore, will Apollo Lake processor run smoothly on such high screen resolution? Right now we have got official response from Chuwi.

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You can check the above table about details of Chuwi HI13. The high 3000 * 2000 resolution can meet professional needs for some industries like architectural drawings, CAD drawings, medical X-ray, etc. In theory, the higher screen resolution is , the wider viewing angle IPS screen is, this time Chuwi chooses this kind of good screen resolution and screen, which means they want to create better and wider visual experience for users. And thanks to  267PPi, it can allow user to see more details. You may also doubt about its screen response. In fact, IPS screen is used for those high quality tablets to bring more responsive and more smooth images compared with those LCD screen. Besides, it comes with 100% SRGB color gamut displays, which build more colors and color restoration at a certain height. In all, Chuwi HI13 screen and resolution can let you enjoy different screen experience.

Chuwi has also made web page FishIE tank test, which aims at testing web page graphics acceleration performance to show tablet pc’s ability to handle graphics for more pages, especially the GPU acceleration. Chuwi HI13 preinstalls Microsoft’s Edge browser with 1000 fish in the pond, FPS 40 to FPS 50 stably, it proves it can run smoothly without losing frame, when you watch videos and play games, you will feel vivid vision on Chuwi HI13.

With the 4K video, a demo video who was downloaded from the internet, with 3840 * 2160 video resolution and 50M video bit rate, the video playback is very smooth. As for games, we tried the most popular LOL game, at medium quality, we had FPS 42 at the starting video. Inside the game would drop to 35 the most.

Therefore, according to Chuwi HI13 Screen test by Web page FishIE Tank test, 4k video test and LOL Games, we can make conclusion that Chuwi HI13 Apollo Lake has no pressure to be compatible with 3K screen. You can be assured to watch videos, play games, surf the Internet, etc very smoothly and rapidly. Believe it or not, just have a try. By the way, right now Chuwi HI13 is exclusive flash sale at $344.99 in 121 pcs.

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