Is Apple Pay the Best Option for Depositing at Online Casinos?


Most online casinos now offer a wide selection of banking methods that we can choose from, running from bank cards to online wallets. Apple Pay is included in many cases, but it is the smartest way to move money in and out of these sites?

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The Security

We can see on this page that Unibet, 888 Casino, and Ladbrokes are among the online casinos that accept this method. They are each certified through independent, third-party organizations such as eCOGRA and the UK Gambling Commission and have casino payout rates that are over 95%.

One of the great reasons for using Apple Pay is the fact that it is so secure. While the best online casinos use the latest encryption software to keep their clients’ details safe, not everyone feels comfortable using their bank card online. With the Apple service, you are using a contactless mobile payment system that protects your personal details.

With Apple Pay, you register your card and verify it. You can then use Touch ID or Face ID, which is included on the iPod Pro 2020 and other models, to verify your identity and approve each transaction that you make. This makes it one of the safest payment methods around, as well as being very easy and convenient to use.

The Speed of Transactions

How long it takes to put in deposits and take out withdrawals is a crucial aspect when you join a casino, as no-one wants to wait around for transactions to go through. You will want the funds that you add to be ready for use right away, while any winnings that you collect should be available for taking out as soon as possible.

With Apple Pay, the money that you add to your account gets there instantly. When it comes to withdrawals, the only delay is if the casino has a processing period written into their terms and conditions. To be fair, the majority of deposit methods used by casinos are now instant, so this option isn’t the only one that lets you start with no delay.

It is also worth bearing in mind that this way of adding funds makes a lot of sense if you are planning on using the likes of an iPhone 7 or 8 to play in the casino, as you can carry out everything that needs to be done to register an account on your device, and then start playing on it. After that, your funds will be available in the casino even if you switch devices.

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The Cost

There is typically no fee charged by casinos for adding funds using Apple Pay, so every dollar that you move across using this method can be used for playing with. The same applies to withdrawals, unless there is a specific processing fee for withdrawals mentioned on the site.

All of this means that Apple Pay is now one of the most attractive ways of moving your money in and out of an online casino account. If you are planning on playing some casino games on an iOS device, then it seems like a logical choice for funding the account.


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