Is Fitbit Waterproof?


The majority of the Fitbit options are designed to survive drizzling conveniently but what if we wear the same while swimming or performing other tasks related to the water?

It is one of the most common questions that strikes one’s mind while thinking of buying the same. Buying a smartwatch or fitness tracker is more than just buying a watch. Everyone wants to have a smartwatch or fitness tracker that they can wear consistently while performing different tasks. The majority of the options available in the marketplace are designed to be waterproof. These options usually provide necessary protection for the swimmers and divers and that offers peace of mind to a greater extent.

Do all of the Fitbit are waterproof?

The majority of the Fitbit smartwatches and trackers come up with an absolute water resistance of about 50 meters. These are usually designed to be swim-proof and can easily withstand the sweat of heavy workouts. Here is the related guide on how to activate water lock on fitbit.

Being waterproof and water resistant are two different terms that confuse one’s mind quite often. The majority of people consider these terms the same and that makes things complicated. Fitbit claims its products to be water resistant, not waterproof.

If you are also one of those who don’t understand the difference between the two terms, let us make things much clearer for you.

A waterproof device is designed to be impermeable to water under any circumstances. It is quite hard or impossible to get water inside these products until or unless they are intentionally opened for the same.

If we talk about water resistance, the product can resist the penetration of the water through it. This resistance is only upheld to some degree and not entirely. If we are saying that a particular product is water resistant, it simply means that there are chances that it can get damaged by water in certain conditions.

As we just mentioned to you above, the Fitbit products are water resistant, not waterproof, you can use the same in water as deep as 50 meters. Going deeper while wearing the smartwatch can run the risk of getting damaged to a greater extent. The pressure in-depth in water is a bit higher and that raises the chances of getting your Fitbit smartwatch damaged. If you are a diver and are looking forward to getting a Fitbit smartwatch for you, just try to keep the different scenarios in mind.

Which Fitbit wearables are designed to be water-resistant?

There is a huge range of Fitbit wearables that offers you water-resistant features without any failure such as the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, 2, Original and Lite Iconic, Luxe, Inspire 2, Charge 5, 4, 3, Flex 2, Ace 3, and 2 and different others. The Original Ace from the Fitbit is not water resistant. Instead, it is designed to be showerproof which simply means that one can easily wear it while performing different tasks but can’t wear it while swimming.

Can we wear all Fitbit options available underwater?

None of the Fitbit options available in the market are designed to be perfect for swimmers or divers. But if you are a diver and are a die heart fan of Fitbit and are currently looking forward to such an option, the Fitbit Sense and Charge 5 would be a great option.

Fitbit Sense is one of the most popular fitness band options by Fitbit that includes a larger selling number to date. The product comes up with a larger display area and features advanced features and improved legibility underwater. If you are looking forward to wearing the same while swimming, the product automatically gets engaged with a screen lock that helps in protecting the same from accidental touches.

Adding more to it, the Fitbit Charge 5 comes up with a larger color screen and features a water lock mode that helps you in keeping your product protected from water damage. The only worst thing about the same is that you have to operate this water lock mode manually through the settings menu and if forgotten to do so, it can put you in trouble anytime. Many users have also faced Fitbit Charge 5 Black Screen Issue but it is easy to fix. So, if you are willing to wear the Fitbit Charge 5 while swimming, make sure to adjust the settings accordingly.


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