Is It Possible to Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on Your Phone?


The new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2022 is setting eyes and hearts ablaze with its enhanced and upgraded visuals, its intriguing new set of maps and its core focus on the skills and reflex of the players. Let’s have a detailed sketch of the idea in this article.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is always known to be one of the best PC games. It was a first of its kind competitive game where two teams of five players each fight under the team names terrorists and counter-terrorists. The terrorists had to plant a bomb and protect it from the counter-terrorists until it burst. Their enemy counterparts had to defeat then in order to diffuse the bomb in time. With a round time of 1 minute and 55 seconds and a bomb timer of 40 seconds, the game accounts for tight suspense and thrill. The first team to get 16 points (1 point after each successful mission), wins.

Naturally, many players, who may not have access to a PC or spend lots of time outside home without their PC, want to know whether it is possible to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on smartphones. To understand that first we have to understand the nature of the Steam Platform, on which this game is played.

What is the Steam Platform?

The Steam Platform is the largest video game digital distribution service for PC gaming prepared by Valve. Along with various features like content delivery, digital rights management, social network services, video streaming services, etc., Steam allows users to create, play and buy digital games.

Games and their databases can be saved on Steam, which has a Cloud memory. A huge reason for the popularity of Steam is that users can use any PC with a stable internet connection to play their games, by logging into the Steam Server. Although Steam Platform now works selectively on Android, there has been no official confirmation yet about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being able to run on your smartphone.

The system requirements mentioned for our game clearly explain that a PC is required for this game to run. There can be different Operating Systems with which a player can run Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on PC, namely Windows, Linux, etc. But the device is mandatorily a PC. This has various reasons. Firstly, smartphones do not have the same graphics quality as PCs. A compromise in the graphics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be the last thing its makers would want. Secondly, touch controls do not match the pace of the game. So allowing it to run on Android would ruin the gameplay experience further.

Can Counter-Strike: Global Offensive be Played via Streaming?

However, this is not the end of the world. If one really wants CS:GO on their smartphone, they can stream the game on their mobile using Steam Link and then play there using touchscreen controls. Needless to say, this would bring in a number of difficulties. Playing such a big and detailed game such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive via streaming would inevitably bring in frame drops, delays and lags. This would hamper the player’s precision in shooting and taking cover, the two most essential aspects of the gameplay. Secondly, touchscreen or even an attached joystick will never be the supplement of a gaming mouse and keyboard while playing CS:GO. This game demands high accuracy and only the best can win. So, it is not advisable to play this game via streaming.

The Android Game Nearest to the Dream

Yet, not all is bad news. If the best of the best, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,is not playable on Android, something near it is. Counter-Strike 1.6 is now available to play in smartphones having the Xash3D Android engine higher than or equal to version 0.17. To play this game, a player has to download the necessary files from the GitHub page and have access to his Steam account on a PC with a Counter-Strike 1.6 installation. All this is there, thanks to Alibek Omarov, the famous C++ programmer. This option is better than the previous one, but nothing compared to the PC experience. Riddled with buttons on the screen, this game hinders smooth flow of gameplay.

Summing it Up

Many people contemplate whether opening the Steam Link on the desktop site on one’s smartphone would be any good. Be our guest if you want to try, but the game will not ultimately run there.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a favourite for seasoned gamers all over the world. It will be a long time before the graphics and precision of smartphones and touchscreens matches it’s level.


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