Is Meizu gonna announce a smartwatch!?


We found posted some hours now an image from Meizu, showing several hand sketched watches. This could be hinting at what appears to be the release of a  Meizu smartwatch in the near future.

Meizu-smartwatchLast time Meizu was planning to release a smartwatch, was before a year, when a round faced Meizu smartwatch was spotted at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. This smartwatch never reached to an official release.

Meizu-smartwatch2The new teaser today from the sketch has a lot of data inside that could indicate many things. First there is a sketch of a chain link indicating that it will feature a chain strap and also a sketch of a leather strap. Also we can see one of the sketches shows a watch with a crown dial and another with a push button. You can also see a small dial and thick round bezels and another one with a large dial and thin bezels. Could this mean multiple versions of the same watch, according to the size of the wrist or something else? Could it mean male/female version as the small could be for the ladies and the bigger for men?

We can also see at the top right corner the words “Run” and “Run Hours”, which could mean a function like pedometer or that it has a battery that could run for many more hours than usual.
meizu-smartwatch3What else can you read from the image? Will Meizu finally announce a Meizu smartwatch or and this sketch will be lost in time? We shall wait to see


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