Is the Kingsmith WalkingPad X21 worth it? A personal review


Recently, you, Chance, discovered that a new Kingsmith WalkingPad treadmill X21 had been launched for sale! According to official information, you should learned that the Kingsmith WalkingPad Treadmill X21 has the following highlights this time: One machine with two folds, the ultimate display, fast folding without installation, NFC human-computer interaction, infinitely variable speed, an intelligent sense of future core technology at every step Lead the way in health. You can also check WalkingPad X21 VS WalkingPad R2 Comparision Review here.
 The background research and development team of the University of Science and Technology of China, with the blessing of 82 patented technologies, strives to create an extraordinary new home exercise method. The heat wave of home sports is coming, igniting more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, advocating a more scientific concept of home sports so that users worldwide can get a better product experience. To simplify life and innovate the storage experience.

The double-folding design covers an area of ​​less than 0.16㎡, and storage can be completed in two steps. Folding Art Nouveau Slim’s body is folded upwards, breaking the existing 180° folding form, and then folded upwards at 90°; the slim body highlights innovative craftsmanship. Extravagant running is free to adjust the speed with multiple gears, 0.5-12km/h various gears can be freely adjusted, and the running speed can be adjusted in real-time according to your running status.

One-touch data connection, NFC super-sensing experience, NFC light-touch smart sensor for easy network distribution, direct access to the interactive interface of treadmill movement, and real-time update and visualization of mobile phone and treadmill data. Industrial aesthetic design experience, hidden LED digital display screen, integrated panel design, only the beautiful appearance of the machine surface can be seen when it is still, and the data on the LED digital display screen is visible after startup.

Worry-free and safe running at home, an exclusive intelligent teaching APP, an utterly brilliant APP supporting rich teaching courses, can set personal running plans and record exercise data to achieve scientific fat burning. Shaped on the outside, good on the core, and high in appearance, it adopts a one-piece aluminum alloy frame structure combined with a luxurious and stable black body, interpreting the balance between design aesthetics and power. And the stability and durability have been improved, aesthetics and durability coexist.

With its intimate strength configuration, the star runway in your home restores the natural running feeling, and the four-layer professional track-level running layer structure makes sports more comfortable and safe. Run freely upstairs, and sleep quietly downstairs. The power output is stable thanks to the efficient brushless motor, and the no-load and full-speed trial operation sound is only 75dB. Running at high energy throughout the whole process does not worry about disturbing the residents downstairs.

One step without installation, the new favorite of urban fitness, worry-free integrated design, ready to use after unboxing, and quickly start the running journey. More ingenious design starts from the details, high-strength wear-resistant wheels made of wear-resistant PP material, a detachable tray, easy to hold without fear of bumps, a one-button switch, red, an eye-catching detail design. The above is what we bring to you in this issue to give you more understanding and choices in terms of sports and fitness, and treadmills!

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