Is this Xiaomi MI Note 2 Design You Want?


Although Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus have tried many high-end technologies for the first time, in their design, most users still feel unsatisfied, especially Xiaomi MI5 has ditched the flashing black ceramic design, but use the common metal drawing architecture. Some mi fans heart has been broken, of course including us.Therefore, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will enjoy higher expectation in its appearance.


Right now more and more renderings about Xiaomi MI Note 2 come out, today we got the latest and most beautiful design from netizens about MI Note 2, according to the pictures, Xiaomi MI Note 2 adopts colorful ceramic ultra-thin body, dual rear camera, MI Logo on its back, Ultransonic fingerprint scanner, ultra-thin bezel, AMOLED screen and Gorilla Corning 5th Glass, 100% NTSC color saturation, Infrared, NFC,HI-FI, waterproof, etc.

MI Fans think we not only want gorgeous appearance, but also high-end hardware and features. After all, Xiaomi MI Note 2 will become the year-end flagship smartphone for Xiaomi, it should be powered by Snapdragon 821 processor, dual 2K curved screen. We believe the price will be over 3,999 yuan, $660. And we have leaked before that Xiaomi MI Note 2 will release in November, one of the most highlights is 5.7inch dual curved 2K screen. WOW, so excited to see MI Note 2.


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