Is XGIMI H6 4K Version Worth the Investment? A Buyer’s Guide


XGIMI Technology has led the intelligent projection industry, striving to create more innovative and easier-to-use home projectors. Among the many products that XGIMI offers, the XGIMI H series has always been a popular choice among users as a high-performance flagship model. XGIMI has released six generations of H series projectors, including H1, H1S, H2, H3, H3S, and H5, and they have sold over 1 million units. Recently, the XGIMI H series has introduced a new member, the XGIMI H6 4K version, equipped with the latest optical zoom technology from XGIMI. The XGIMI H6 4K version has many advanced features that improve the projector’s functions while maintaining the flagship configuration. It is powered by an MT9669 chip, has 4G+64G running storage space, and is equipped with GMUI5.0. It can start up in 4 seconds and supports dual Bluetooth headset connections. For gamers, the XGIMI H6 4K version supports 12ms low latency, 240Hz high frame rate, Wi-Fi6 speed, and an HDMI2.1 interface, providing a more immersive and smoother gaming experience. The projector still comes with Harman Kardon customized audio, and the patented R ring design brings users a remarkable audition effect.

The XGIMI H6 4K version takes eye protection to the extreme. With the blessing of Eagle Eye 3.0 perception ability, it brings AI real-time keying protection. The eye protection function allows multiple people to enter the screen simultaneously and can critical images in real-time. It also supports high-precision anti-eye protection in low-light environments, ensuring that direct projection light does not hurt the eyes.

The XGIMI H6 4K version comes equipped with an optical zoom function, which intelligently adjusts the lens’s focal length to zoom in and out of the picture. The image quality is maintained in the case of keystone correction, and it brings lossless zooming to 4K ultra-high-definition resolution. With the XGIMI MAVII Eagle Eye 3.0 Pro system, the optical zoom of the self-developing optical machine is prioritized to reduce the loss of image quality by 36%. The projection ratio can be freely adjusted between 1.2 and 1.5, increasing the room adaptability by 25%. The XGIMI H6 4K version can project a 120-inch screen at a distance of 3.98 meters from the wall when the projection ratio is 1.5:1, and a large screen of 150 inches can be launched at 3.98 meters when the projection ratio is 1.2:1.

Moreover, the XGIMI H6 4K version uses optical zoom technology to bring the Turbo Light engine, which automatically senses ambient light changes and performs one-key brightening, increasing the brightness by 39%. The projector can zoom in on the screen at night to give users a more extensive and immersive experience and zoom out during the day to give users a brighter visual experience.

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In conclusion, XGIMI Technology has again outdone itself with the XGIMI H6 4K version. As users continue to pursue a higher quality of life, 4K projection has become a standard configuration in many households. However, the complex home environment can pose a challenge for many projectors. Only 4K projection products equipped with optical zoom can bring users a lossless 4K experience.

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