Samsung first then Xiaomi First Chinese Manufacturer To Release SD821 Flagship


We had reported previously about a Xiaomi device appearing on Geekbench, code named Xiaomi Capricorn, all indicators appear to point  to this device being the new Mi Note 2. The spec sheet on Geekbench indicated that “Xiaomi Capricorn” would come with Snapdragon 820.  Although still possible that this device is to be the base version of Mi Note 2, there has been a lot of internet chatter that Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be packing SD821.xiaomi-capricorn

After all ASUS recently made headlines that they will be the first to pack the SD821 in their flagship the Zenfone 3 Deluxe, having said that their base and mid Zenfone 3 models pack the SD 820. Now having said that,they also announced that the Zenfone 3 Deluxe wont be available for purchase until around November. According to industry analyst, Pan Jiutang in a very recent Weibo post it will be Samsung’s Note 7 that will appear first with the SD 821, He also stated that Xiaomi will be the first Chinese manufacturer to release a device packing the Snapdragon 821 under its hood.pan-jiutang-sd821-commentIt is becoming apparent that ASUS was the first to announce the new flagship will have SD821, but it wont be the first to release the device. ASUS have some form when it comes to making announcements of phones that are actually months away from being released to the public. In fact the Zenfone 3 series was announced in May and as this article goes to press, ASUS have still not released the device for sale.Samsung, and to some extent Xiaomi usually make the announcement when they have all things ready to go, and release the device within a month after the announcement.

Pan Jiutang was also queried about the recent chatter about LeEco and their apparent July 15 release for a for a device carrying the SD821 chip.He responded by saying that if LeEco did make a statement on releasing a SD 821 device, it too would be a similar situation to that of ASUS.It has always been the rumored that Samsung would be the first device to actually appear with the SD 821 and Xiaomi would be the first of the Chinese manufacturers to actually release a device to the public.

This now looks the likely scenario, No details have officially been released about The Xiaomi Mi 2 but it looks like it will be coming with SnapDragon 821, a curved screen, dual cameras, fingerprint sensor and a massive 6GB RAM. We will release all details as they come to hand. Definitely watch this space.




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