iWOWNfit launches a Duo: Check IWOWNfit i6HR Smart Bracelet and P1 Smartwatch Review


As the MWC 2018 came to an end bringing us loads of gadgets to ponder upon and reviewers like us were on a spree of reviews. The only point that was showcased in MWC – 2018 is that despite reports of stagnation there still alot the industry can offer. Well, between all these launches iWOWNfit, a company known for making smartbands and smartwatches launched 2 more devices to their already great wearable lineup. The company launched i6HR smart bracelet with continuous heart rate monitoring and P1 Smartwatch with GPS, SuperSporty look, 50M water resistance and longer battery life. Read on to know more.


I received the courier from iWOWNfit containing 2 mystery boxes, as I was only told that they were gonna send their 2 new offerings, I thank you iWOWNfit for the review units. Opening the outer cover I was greeted by these wearables packed in neat looking colorful boxes. I took the i6HR box and continued ti unbox it.

The i6HR was packed in a white box with glossy picture of i6HR in front, opening it would reveal the dark green cardboard holding the dial popping out enough to take it out easily. Furthur inside you get the black silicone band with patterns engraved on it, quite sporty and grippy, other than that you get an instruction and a usb charging cable. Impressively packed by iWOWNfit and safely delivered.

Right out of the box the smart bracelet wasn’t holding any charge, so I let it charge for a while and powered it up. I was greeted with a quite bright display and a cool boot animation and the next second I was on the homescreen. To my surprise the i6HR comes with touch display, although you would have to get some used to if you have big fingers but otherwise it would do. I installed it into the band and strapped it across my wrist. It felt tactile and fit perfectly around by bony wrists.

The i6HR smart bracelet  has been built from top to offer you complete companionship when you are playing a variety of sports. It will be with you like your health companion continuously monitoring your biometrics  and providing you details of your workout in a way that would help you plan your health goals and achieve them. The smart bracelet has typical look to it as body of the smart band pops out and sits on the silicone bracelet with edges overflowing the gap.

The smartband offers a plethora of options when it comes to sports and lets you track your efforts for a number of sports activity. The smart band comes with continuous Heart Rate monitor feature, Auto sports recognition. It will display messages from your phone from different apps, plus the 0.96 screen is enough bright to be able to be viewed in direct sunlight. The smart band recognises 20 different sports and displays the data seamlessly on your homescreen. It also has the features like Silent haptic alarm, call pickup -cancel with caller id visibility, sleep monitoring, remote camera and sedentary reminder.

The band comes with many watch faces and on the OLED display they stand out in every ambience. The smart band has 75mAh battery which is enough for a week and sometimes even lasts more than a week. In my tests it easily lasted 8 days. To wrap up the specs it has :

0.96 ” OLED Touch display

75mAh 5days- 8 days battery life

IP67 waterproof

20 sports modes.

The band is up to the mark with its competitors and offers comprehensive modes of tracking your sports movements. And it does all this remaining quite affordable.

P1 Smartwatch 

The P1 smartwatch is a gorgeous piece of device that has been designed with elegance, the smartwatch has features that can challenge ] the Android Wear devices from big brands. The packaging was very neat and impressive with a transparent upper side and lime green inner sides. The watch was comfortably tucked into a cardboard. Below the watch, we have a magnetic charger and user manual, warranty cards etc. 

After unpacking the device I had charge it to get on with the review, after about an hour the battery was half charged and the watch powered on, unveiling pixel dense bright screen. The watch has three buttons 2 in the left and one on the right. The build is prety much ABS material and metal covering at the back, where it is written,” IP68 waterproof upto 50M”, which is quite a good offering at this price point. The straps are silicone and the design is quite normal, sporty at best. 

Furthur I navigated into the menu, the touch works flawlessly and navigating around is a breeze. Although there is no Android Wear here, still you get a comprehensive software solution for all you sports needs. The watch comes with GPS, Heartrate sensor and ECG detection. Its called a Power Sport watch and the name hold true. 

To go around specs :

240*240 color touch screen,

GPS, HRM and IP68 waterproofing upto 50M, Bluetooth 4.1 BLE

Multiple sports mode

1 week battery life.

These are the official specs, although not much is known, but we ll get to it when the watch launches. Now coming back to the watch it has a swipe UI that gets things done in minimum amounts of swipes, the screen is gorgeous, bright and crispy clear. Although I should say the straps could have been better. The best thing I found about P1 is that it has a great battery life, its impressive given a pixel dense bright display.

Both the devices offer the best of both the worlds, if you simply want minimal looking smartband with great battery life go for i6HR and if you want something more than just a band go for the P1 Smartwatch, You can get i6HR here and the P1 here . 

Both the devices can be configured using the iWOWNfit pro app

Setting them up is very easy, all you have to do is give it some permissions to connect. Just download the app from here.
You can grab IWOWNFit i6HR Heart Rate Monitor Smart Band from their official Aliexpress store at $24.99,  and IWOWNFit P1 Smartwatch here.


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