Japan Launches Revolutionary Buddha Version of ChatGPT


It is said that if you have troubles, you can ask the ChatGPT Buddha. Although the Buddha may not be able to respond in time, now the Cyber ​​Buddha can always be online.

A while ago, Japan launched a Hotoke AI, an artificial intelligence Buddha who can chat with you :

Hotoke AI is equipped with the recently popular ChatGPT introduced by Kuangwan before. It is a powerful chat robot. It can generate answers to questions and even help with programming and writing papers.

Of course, you can also play role-playing, become a mechanical Buddha, and give advice to confused netizens.

In other words, you don’t need to go to the temple to spend money to burn incense and kneel. Now you can tap the keyboard a few times and tell your troubles, and the AI ​​Buddha can help you solve your worries.

The way to use Hotoke AI is straightforward, talk directly. Enter your troubles in the dialog box, and the Buddha will comfort you with Dharma.

For example, ask the Buddha: I always struggle with what to eat for lunch; what should I do? AI Buddha wrote me nearly 600 words in one breath, divided into four paragraphs to enlighten me.

In the answer, the resonance is first triggered when you come up. Tell me, “totally understand my feelings” although AI does not need to eat, the main thing is understanding you.

Then continue to get closer, AI thinks it is annoying to think about “what to eat at noon,” especially when you need to make quick decisions at work; that kind of uncertainty makes people anxious.

Next, I started to use my professional advantages and analyzed the problem from a Buddhist perspective. I thought my entanglement was due to excessive attention to external factors, and I was worried that the wrong choice would affect my health and happiness. So let go of these worries and focus on the present moment.

Then I started to talk about science. From a psychological point of view, I might lack decision-making skills and confidence. AI Buddha helped me find some methods, such as arranging options, weighing pros and cons, and seeking the opinions of others.

Finally, the Buddha summed up the above suggestions.

After listening to these, I want to say, Master, I have enlightened.

Comparing the original answer of ChatGPT, you can feel the difference. They all give many suggestions, but the copywriting of the Buddha version feels more concerned about the questioner’s heart.

Unexpectedly, the robot masters in games and movies would just come into reality like this.

After Hotoke AI was launched, more and more people came to chat with Buddha to solve their doubts, and the questions were also varied.

For example, many people are concerned about this question: why are you so poor?

AI Buddha not only persuaded the questioner to accept suffering but also to find a solution to the problem. For example, first, understand your financial situation, then consider additional income, and finally, remain optimistic. (For detailed answers, you can slide up and down the picture to view)

So I also found some outrageous questions and had a wave of in-depth discussions with the Buddha.

It’s like a classic workplace trouble: 6 leaders have a meeting, but only five chairs; how should they be divided?

AI Buddha replied smiling: respect their choice and let them handle it themselves.

  • Question: Excuse me, the leader is serving food, but I turned the table. Will he be angry?
  • AI Buddha replied smiling: Just be angry, pay attention next time, and long live understanding.
  • All in all, it’s Buddhist.
  • Question: Buddha, can the cold war stop global warming?
  • AI Buddha: No, your focus is wrong.
  • Question: Are sweet rice dumplings better or salty rice dumplings?
  • AI Buddha sees through the essence at a glance: this is not a matter of taste but of preferences and values.
  • In the end, the Buddha’s name for himself seems to have become “coach” again.
  • Question: Buddha, can I eat luncheon meat in the morning?
  • AI Buddha: No, if you want to eat, you must eat it at noon.

AI’s statement is still the classic four-stage formula, first, understand your thoughts, and then talk about diet to keep our bodies and minds clean from the perspective of Buddhism and psychology. Let me talk about the unhealthy part of lunch meat. If you have to eat it, then eat it at noon.

This may mean that something will happen sooner or later if you don’t eat it at noon.

Classic Sand Sculpture Question: ChatGPT Buddha, before glasses were invented, did cobras have a name?

AI Buddha: Focus on the present; the past and the future are illusions, and the last name of Cobra is not essential. Your curiosity may be an escape from reality, and it is recommended that you focus on the present.

  • Question: Does the Jade Emperor usually live in the stratosphere or the troposphere? Or live on another planet?
  • AI Buddha: Not on the earth or any planet, but in a realm beyond time and space.
  • Question: Is taking Gatling out of the refrigerator a cold weapon?
  • AI Buddha: This question is unessential, but your brain makes me uneasy.
  • Question: Can a father and a mother have a child?
  • AI Buddha: Everyone’s situation is different and cannot be generalized.
  • He may feel that asking such a question is probably not in the right mind for marriage.
  • Question: I ate an egg first and then drank iced black tea. Is it equivalent to eating tea eggs today?
  • AI Buddha: From the perspective of nutrition, it is not the same, but you need to relax your body and mind and stop thinking about it.

It’s almost like directly saying how to cure my sand sculpture brain.

This is not the first time that Kuangwan and everyone have talked about the so-called ChatGPT Buddha, but it feels more like “making gods” this time. It’s not that the AI’s answer is so subtle. In fact, after a brief chat, you can feel that the AI’s copywriting logic is a bit fixed. For most questions, AI will default that you are in anxiety and trouble. It will first agree with your confusion, analyze your stress, and finally give suggestions.

Although it is wildly patterned, it is enough to apply. Like everyone usually associates, such thinking and language ability, which can be used to a ready-made robot, can turn science fiction movies into actual scenes.

After all, the movements of some robots are becoming more and more flexible now, and some expressions are no different from real people. Now, with the addition of language skills, I will not be surprised that there will be a robot master in the future. I don’t know if the electronic Buddha can help save the cyber-female monster.

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