JBL T280TWS Pro Earphone Offered at Just $18.99 [Coupon Deal]


The JBL T280TWS Pro Earphones launched by JBL may be a good choice for fashionistas. It not only brings a metallic design but also has three fashionable color schemes. In addition, T280TWS PRO also brings excellent active noise reduction + passive noise reduction, bringing different quietness.

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First look at the packaging, the design of JBL T280TWS PRO is also quite trendy, and it has a bit of “HitHot” flavor, plus the copywriting of “DARE TO LISTEN”, it feels like a product designed for trendy people. The earphones in our hands are in the color of passion red. The metal charging box and the red color show more personality. The JBL logo on the battery box also conforms to the aesthetics of many young people. When you open the battery box, you can see that the design of the earphones is the same as the design of the battery box. The surface of the earphones is also sprayed with an aluminum unit patch similar to a metallic texture.

The delicate detail outlines look very metallic. The earphones are actually made of plastic, so the weight of the earphones is also very light. JBL T280TWS PRO supports hybrid digital noise reduction and noise reduction technology to improve the noise reduction effect. At the same time, based on JBL’s more than 70 years of international stage and studio audio experience, it has been carefully tuned to bring rich musical details, wide frequency range, full dynamics, and balanced tone.


JBL T280TWS PRO uses a 6mm drive unit, the sound unit is designed with PEEK+PU double-layer high-tech materials, and the lightweight diaphragm has strong tension. While the rigidity of the special double-layer vibration mode material is enhanced, it has lower low-frequency dive capability and durable and stable acoustic characteristics. The high-strength diaphragm makes the total harmonic distortion (THD) lower, the overall elasticity is sufficient, the low-frequency dive is powerful, and the high-quality sound effect is presented.


At the same time, in terms of wearing experience, JBL T280TWS PRO provides a comfortable wearing experience. The earphones come with a variety of ergonomically designed split-type earplug silicone sleeves and wing-type earplug sleeves in different sizes, which can be flexibly combined according to their actual situation. replace. JBL T280TWS PRO supports IPX5 waterproof and wing-enhanced earplugs, so it is not afraid of the challenges of the sports environment.

Connectivity & Battery

JBL T280TWS PRO adopts the industry-leading Bluetooth 5.0 chip platform, supports dual-channel synchronous audio transmission, and the connection is reliable and stable. In terms of battery life, for the JBL T280TWS PRO true wireless earphones, when the noise reduction is turned off, the earphones can last for 6 hours on a single charge, and the earphone charging box can provide an additional 18 hours of battery life. 24 hours. In addition, the JBL T280TWS PRO supports fast charging and can last for 1 hour after charging for 15 minutes.

Noise Reduction

JBL T280TWS PRO adopts hybrid active digital noise reduction and passive sound insulation technology and adopts dual feed-forward + feed-back microphones, which can accurately generate directional sound waves to cancel noise. In fact, it can filter most of the noise in the subway, especially some low-frequency noise, bringing a comfortable and quiet feeling. In addition, in the office scene, T280TWS PRO also has a good noise reduction effect, wearing headphones to turn on noise reduction, the keyboard sound and human voice in the environment are basically filtered out.


Among the all-plastic and black-and-white TWS earphones, the T280TWS PRO does appear to be very individual, especially for young users who are pursuing fashion and individuality. JBL T280TWS PRO has added a noise reduction function to bring a better user experience and coupled with the tuning of popular music, I believe it will be sought after by many young users.

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