JDI Offically Released Bendable Plastic LCD Display Recently


Bendable display will be used commonly in the near future, which bring more advantages for those smartphone in design. Currently, those manufacturers including China, South Korea and Japan will enter into bendable screen field.

Recently, JDI officially released bendable plastic display, it has 5.5 inch screen, 1080P resolution, and 500cd/m2 brightness to the maximum, 1500:1 contrast.

Besides the bendable feature, this display adopts plastic material on the both sides of LCD panel, so it has high drop-resistance, this kind of technology will be different from ShatterSheild technology developed by Moto, JDI flexible plastic display has some advantages such as high toughness and large bending, which is much stronger and anti-dropping than common screens.

In addition, JDI claims that this display can achieve 60Hz refresh rate, and decrease to 15Hz to save power. This LCD screen will be officially produced until 2018, besides this smartphone, it will be used on Notebook, car and other devices in the near future, stay tuned.


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