JDTOYS JD-11 Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter Design, Camera, Features Review


The JDTOYS JD-11 drone, as you can see right at first glance, is a copy of the DJI Inspire 1 drone from the market leader DJI. The Chinese company JDTOYS has launched this clone of the famous Inspire 1 on the market. JDTOYS JD-11 drone Equipped with 6-Axis gyro and altitude hold function, this original JDTOYS JD-11 drone is a perfect drone for beginners. It has the function of one key take off & landing, headless mode, speed control and many user-friendly protections to guarantee the flight safety. Besides, with 2.0MP camera, the wifi FPV function can let us take pictures, videos, experience the joy of real-time transmission through the phone screen.


The propeller arms have been replicated almost 1: 1. The hull also looks almost the same as the original. Unlike the original, the propeller arms can not be driven up or down. For landing, the clone has a conventional landing gear. Technically there are also gigantic differences between the clone and the original. The functionality of the JD-11 drone is much smaller. The installed technology is cheaper and on a lower level than with Inspire 1. The power required is a 1200 mAh battery. The dimensions of the drone are 250 * 235 * 175mm and weight 271.4g. The radio range is about 50 meters, which is sufficient for a toy and/or hobbies. If you do not use the FPV function, the radio range is higher.

Camera & FPV

Instead of a modern 4K camera is on the JD-11 drone a 2-megapixel camera. The camera hangs below the drone and has no image stabilization. If, however, the favorable purchase price of this quadrocopter thinks the resolution of the camera and the lack of image stabilization is in order. An FPV function is also on board. With WIFI, the live image of the camera is sent in real time to the pilot’s smartphone. This can control the drone from a cockpit perspective thanks to the FPV function. The quadrocopter is available in black. If you consider that the drone costs only about 70 USD, the performance of the camera is completely in order. The camera is enough to get a first good insight into the world of comrades.


In addition to the FPV function and 2 MP camera, the JD-11 drone provides more great features. Thanks to built-in barometers, it can maintain the airports and position independently. By pressing a button, it can return to the starting point independently. This is especially beneficial to beginners. The headless mode also benefits beginners. In this one, does not have to pay attention to the current flight direction of the drone. Added LEDs enable flights at dusk or night and always show the pilot the current orientation using different colored LEDs. A 6-axis gyro provides the necessary stability in the air. All in all, the JD-11 drone has a good range of functions for a drone of its price class.


The entire JDTOYS JD-11 drone costs only about $61.99 You Can buy From Tomtop Using Coupon Code: LQPJTJD, which is really very cheap considering the features. Of course, the JDTOYS JD-11 drone does not come to the Inspire drones from the house DJI, but these cost finally also partially the 40-fold. The JDTOYS JD-11 drone does not want to be a competitor product to the Inspire series but steals only barely the optics. The flight time is 15 minutes, according to the manufacturer, which is really good for a drone of this price class.


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