JIMMY BX7 Pro 700W Vacuum Cleaner Now Offered at $155.99


A floor-standing, cordless and robotic vacuum cleaner is already available, but what about an anti-allergenic vacuum cleaner? It turns out that there are quite a few products for this field. One of them came to global market recently. This is Jimmy BX7 Pro Vacuum Cleaner, known in the field of cordless vacuum cleaners. In fact, this is already the company’s fourth model in this market segment, but the first it sells in globally, and it promises not only to vacuum the mattress or sofa, but also to eliminate dust mites and other hidden things below the surface.

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The JIMMY BX7 Pro is a handheld vacuum cleaner that boasts a powerful 700 W high-pressure motor. With this new generation of motor, which has been improved, we will enjoy more intense suction power, but , in turn, less noise and energy savings that do not offset its efficiency in any way.

HEPA Air Filter

The collection tank has a volume of 500cc and inside also a HEPA air filter with another attached to the kit. In fact, it is a system similar to the one found in other Jimmy vacuum cleaners.

Efficiency of 99.99%

In each operation, the vacuum cleaner activates an ultraviolet (UV) bulb with a power of 550 milliwatts to destroy dust mites and bacteria with an efficiency of 99.99%. In addition, it also has a built-in heating element that heats up in 5 seconds to 60 degrees, thus simulating the effect of the sun’s rays to maintain even deeper and more lasting hygiene. Finally it is also equipped with an ultrasonic speaker designed to destroy bacterial reproduction and growth wherever they are.

Innovative Cleaning

To all these cleaning features we must add other innovative ones that will allow to eliminate all the dirt without problems. The JIMMY BX7 Pro has a 60° heating mode in just 5 seconds , which penetrates the bed and mattress quickly, killing mites and bacteria it finds with great efficiency.


It comes with a 245mm wide suction port that helps it to suck up everything in its path and allows you to, for example, clean the mattress in just a few minutes. In addition, it has a patented compound roller brush with a soft rubber strip whose roller motor is independent. This will make it very easy to pick up fine dust and will also trap dust mites that are deep in the mattress without damaging it.


The Jimmy BX7 Pro is a vacuum cleaner designed to work in very defined areas: sofas, mattresses and rugs. In terms of pumping results it provided a capability similar to that of a cordless vacuum cleaner with a small brush at its tip. That is, it does not suck better, but in comparison it is more comfortable and efficient at working especially on large surfaces.

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