JISIWEI J-BOT3 Robot Cleaner (5$ discount coupon)


Who would have thought that we will have some robot cleaning our house for us. But technology has gone beyond that. Now our robot cleaners can also record videos for us and act smart too. The JISIWEI J-BOT3 is one such visionary vacuum cleaner. We have a special coupon code for our fans that gets you 5$ discount of the 179.99$ price of the J-BOT3. Coupon code – IGEEKJBOT. Lets see in detail the features of the J-BOT 3.

Watch JISIWEI J-BOT3 video review:

The J-BOT3 comes in 3 catchy colours of black, gold and white. It measures 34.00 x 8.80 x 8.80 cm and weighs barely 2.6kgs. It features a circular disc like design and features a lid and the basic clean button on the top. J-BOT3 features first never seen before, a constant video feed camera on its front.


The JISIWEI J-BOT3 is also first of its kind, a cloud based working robot vacuum cleaner. It provides life feed of your home with its camera on your JISIWEI’s App as well as lets you take control of the cleaner like turning on/off the cleaner.


This smart robot cleaner takes in account the care and the security of its users. You can keep an eye on your baby you when you are outside while the robot keeps working on its low 60db sound. You can also catch the unforgettable moments of your pets when they are alone at home.


And this smart buddy can even takes random pics when it senses movement  and you can stop a burglars or intruders even being 1000 miles away. To keep harmful particles out of your house, it is equipped with high quality washable HEPA Filter that has an efficiency of 98%.


J-BOT3 comes with a 2200mAh battery that is equivalent to a 3700mAh oridnary battery and can survive a swipe cleaning of 200 metres. On a single charge, it runs for a span of 120 mins. The J-BOT3 is so smart that it doesn’t even bother you about charging the cleaner, with its Automatic Recharge function and the infrared sensor, the J-BOT3 comes to the charging dock and charges itself.

There are some intelligent sensors on the J-BOT3 that make it perfect.

  • It maintains a 2 cm distance off the walls and the objects to avoid collisions.

  • Anti drop function to avoid the cleaner get damaged by falling from heights.

  • The backfilled automatic voice prompts you so that you can always master the working state.
  • Comes with 180ml 4 streams of water seepage formula and can swipe 120m unifromly.


If you ask me, I would say this is the best robot vacuum cleaner i have ever seen at 179.99$ price range. The smart video feed and other smart features on the J-BOT3 makes it exceptional. If you are interested in buying it, then we have a 5$ discount coupon – IGEEKJBOT that you can use to get this discount at Gearbest. Click here -> JISIWEI J-BOT3 to avail it.


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