Jisiwei S+ Review, A Vacuum Cleaner That Got Your Back


It was early the 2000’s when i heard about Bill Gates Intelligent House, the richest man on hearth home was two steps above from anyone in the IoT universe. Yes that tech wasn’t for the common people at that time, but, today standards IoT devices are cheap enough so anyone can configure or have a Intelligent Home. Now you can find affordable items from automatic doors, locks, home appliances. For the last one, here in iGeekphone found one, the Jisiwei S+, a vacuum cleaner that does more than keep your house fresh and clean.


It was 2002 when iRobot Corporation introduced the Roomba, the original autonomous vacuum cleaner, the world met the classic round design. After 15 years is still the standard, the Jisiwei inherit the same form factor, made from polished plastic, from above there’s three buttons, a small display and set of Sensor+Camera.

From below you can identify a three wheel setup, a pair of rotating brushes, some sensors, a mop and the dust absorbed grill.In the box you would find the Jisiwei S+, its charging dock, power adapter, two pair of rotating brushes, a mop rag and its spare cloth, a dust filter, cleaning brush, a remote control and user manual.


There’s something we have for sure, this is a vacuum cleaner but with a twist, as mention before, is intelligent and got your back, but how?

Sure it can clean, but its intelligent, this device is autonomous and have an auto pilot, the only thing you have to do is set it where is its charger once connected press the Play button and let it wander around the house. But there’s more! This is a robot and you can control it, set-up the Jisiwei app for Android and iOS.

Once the app is installed and paired with the robot then you could enjoy all the features that make this vacuum a security device. Yes, this is a guardian, using the FHD camera attached in the S+ you can monitor all the activity in your house, watch your family or your pets (Cats love the S+), even has a motion detector to watch for the burglars.

ReviewThis machine does everything that was programmed to do, clean up to 200 meters square, enough for a small house, it can’t climb steps in that case you will need another Jisiwei for your second floor.

Make sure to charge it for 8 hours before first use and chose where the charger is gonna stand, in order to be access by the vacuum. Once is charger will last around two hours, but don’t worry, this gizmo knows how to go back to the charging station.

And don’t forget to setup the wi-fi, yes, you need to read the manual. But after you made all the steps you would use all the advanced features of the Jisiwei S+.


whether or not you are a geek, this is a great addition to your household appliances thanks to its functions, this robot sure can clean but also watch your back. And, Hey! Cats also loves the Jisiwei S+. Thanks to LightInTheBox Activity Saleyou  can find this gizmo at $347.89, that is %26 off from original price.


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