JJR/C X11 5G GPS Wifi FPV RC Drone with 2K Camera Review (Price $164.99)


JJR/C X11 is a wonderful RC quadcopter gone for Drone Hobbyist, which bears inventive flight innovation and can fly at your will. The X11 offers loads of clever flight modes, other than normal capacities, Optical Flow Positioning, GPS situating, Follow me, Multi-point flight and Surround mode are accessible. Proficient aeronautical imaging profits by longer flight time, the X11 has a most extreme flight time of 20 minutes, enabling additional time noticeable all around to catch the ideal shot. What’s more, the X11 highlights unrivaled and amazing 2K Camera and across the board work conveying the power for a smooth flight and stable drifting. You will have an astounding RC involvement with such flawless automaton.

JJ/RC X11 Rc Drone Price: $164.99


The automaton is totally compact, simple to transport, because of its arrangement of collapsing arms that enable you to convey it in a rucksack without issues. Gone are the bigger and bigger automatons, presently the stuff are these automatons substantially more reasonable so you can place them in a bag and take them out on your next outing or experience. can’t conceal who was displayed here. The unbending, foldable arms are fundamentally the same as the Spark, just like the general state of the body. The battery is connected a similar route from the back of the automaton, even the shade is similar. The RC Drone is outfitted with propeller protects. Gatekeepers shield the propeller from harm amid landing and past. Satisfy their assignments amid flights in zones in the event of impact with the divider still, we keep noticeable all around without hurting as yet keeping up the stable flight.


JJR/C X11 Rc drone has the capacities of Up/down, forward/in reverse, turn left/right, sideward flight, elevation hold, GPS, 5G Wifi FPV, one key departure/landing/return, optical stream situating, tail me, multi-point flight, encompass mode, 2K camera, 1600m separation. It comes with 5G WIFI FPV let you see what your automaton sees, perfect for taping an assigned spot or basically to glance around. The 5G WIFI continuous transmission removes compasses to 300-800m. the  Customizable Wide-edge 2K Camera: the overhauled camera with 110° wide-point focal point guarantees an all-encompassing perspective for chronicle your extraordinary minute, all the more significantly, which can change inside 90°.

The blend of the exact area by the vision position framework and position held by the optical stream situating expedites a stable floating for ethereal shooting With one key departure/landing/return, it’s increasingly advantageous to work the automaton when gone over unforeseen conditions, suit fledglings. The Multi-point flight: click on any point on APP interface, it’ll consequently fly as indicated by the doled out point, which enables the pilot to concentrate on camera control and empowers progressively complex shots. It has the GPS mode empowers exactly situating and averts losing the automaton. The automaton will play out an auto return whether it loses signal or different conditions occur.


JJR/C X11 Rc drone is ideal for who need to approach the world of automatons at a decreased cost, solid straightforwardness of utilization and ensured fun. You can get it from Tomtop with $164.99

JJ/RC X11 Rc Drone Price: $164.99


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