JJRC H23 2.4G RC Quadcopter – A car that can fly! (with coupon)


I guess you all are fan of James Bond movies, where you can see cool gadgets even car flying! Well now you can have your James Bond gadget, well sort of, in your very home. JJRC H23 is a car that can fly as a quadcopter or a quadcopter that can run as a car! This really sounds fantastic, I know, do you agree!?


Fly in the sky
If you switch to flight mode it can fly in the sky, makes turn 360 degree of the special effects in the air


Drive on the land
When you use it as a car, it turns into a high-speed racing car. Then it can run on the ground forward / backward, turn left / right, speed up operations


Cool in the air
When it flies, it can do some really cool stunts in the air like 360-degree rolling

One-key return function
Flying through the air, if it is needed it is equipped with one-key return function, it can automatically return to and land at the take-off location. Isn’t it brilliant and cool. So there is no way you loose it!


The JJRC H23 can fly up to 200m, it is equipped with a battery 3.7V 750mAh LiPo battery, with flying Time 6~7mins and charging Time 60mins.

From what it looks having a car that can fly is really cool and JJRC H23 has this ability. You can order it from Gearbest, which using the coupon IGEEKH23 the price becomes 30.99$. So what do you think, who doesn’t want to have a car that can fly?! I sure will get one!


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