JJRC H38WH quadcopter with removable arms design, features, review (with coupon)


Self claimed as the first Drone with removable arms, after our research, indeed, the JJRC H38WH is the first EVA with a modular design, it comes for the aspect that every arm can be plugged and unplugged, maybe doesn’t look like a clever desing but this way of disassembly sure it would help en case of crash, every arm can absorb the impact, loose an arm but you can put it again.


As we mention before, this drone from JJRC has something about the others in the market, some can hide the arms with a fold design, but removable is a new thing. In the box you will find the principal combo body, electronics with attached FOV camera. The four arms with rotors/propellers, a RF remote control, battery, a usb charging cable, set of spare propellers, landing gears, the blade protectors, a screwdriver; and the manual.


With a light weight of 170.5 grs. the H38WH is a proper Quadopter that sports special arms which feature the modular design, easy to be maintained. Mount a FOV HD camera (720p) WiFi camera with 120-degree FOV lens offers the aerial view and access to App control, also, it has a port beneath if you want to install another camera. Thanks to the barometer this drone can keep altitude and fly steadily at the same height. The intelligent Headless Mode makes it unnecessary to take the orientation into account. Also, for your fun can do the back flip in any direction.


With  7.4V 400mAh battery included this drone flew almost 11 minutes with some wind with a steady flight, it sure have a range of 100m from the RF remote control. We tested the FOV camera, transmit a good amount of data, with the cellphone app, videos and pictures can be taken.

Here it go a pro tip, in the back it has another led, apart from those in the arms, that led warn you when the battery is about to be depleted but in day light you can barely see it, so if you want to know if the drone have around 10% of juice, then try to do a backflip if not happens that’s the signal, the battery is too low to do the maneuver.


This funny drone with this particular modular design worth the testing, if you want to add the first drone with detachable arms to your collection, then the JJRC H38WH is for you. You would be amazed that actually works and works well. Catch this drone at Gearbest paying only $56.99, using H38WH as discount code.


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