JJRC R5 CADY WILI Intelligent RC Robot Review: now Sale in TOMTOP For Just $32.99 in Flash Sale


The new-generation JJRC robot, R5 CADY WILL has been born, which is more interactive – you can control with Remote Controller, SmartWatch, providing an enhanced experience for players and gestures can also work to make it move in different directions. Although it is bigger, the plug-in lithium-ion battery module for R5 offers you up to 3 hours’ fun, which is twice as long as that of other. Besides walking, sliding, singing, dancing, programming, and Its eyes can emit LED light and the blink eyes make it more vivid, which is deeply loved by children.


The JRC R5 CADY WILI is designed in the size of 27.5 * 20 * 9.5cm and its weight About 568g. It is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic and aluminum alloys, which absolutely does no harm to people’s health. JJR/C R5 CADY WILI Intelligent Robot with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent appearance, and perfect quality. JRC R5 CADY WILI has multi-functional, such as Slide Forward/Backward, Slide Turn Left/Right, Walk Forward/Backward, Walk Turn Left/Right, Auto follow, Auto display, Pop science, Mechanical language, Gesture Sensor, Program, Speed, Story, English, Colorful light, Dynamic music and dance. What’s more, there are 3 control modes: Remote controller, SmartWatch, Gesture Sensor. And make your life with high-technology, live in a quality colorful environment. The entire machine body uses the environmental material, safe and non-toxic for children, a good companion.


You can Wear the smartwatch, switch on auto-follow, and the robot would move after you. Its gesture sensor, working by infrared, is capable of detecting simple gestures, such as forward, backward, left turn and right turn, thus enabling kids to control the robot with a swipe of a hand. Swipe hands away from the sensor in the detection zone for effective results. With the remote control mode and smartwatch control mode, easy and funny to use. Once enabled, the robot will wow you with its dynamic steps and moves by the tempo and beat. The thoughtful design gives the robot the capability of telling stories and speaking English with kids, offering them a fun and educational way to learn through play. After programming, press the button to see how the robot would surprise you by displaying all the programmed movements coherently and smoothly. A robot can be programmed to display the corresponding actions, stimulating kids’ creativity and exercise their ability. JRC R5 CADY WILI has good sound quality, large battery capacity: Volume is moderate and does not harm the child’s ear. 1200mAh battery allows 180mins play time.


The JJRC R5 CADY WILI Robot will wow you with its dynamic steps and moves by the tempo and beat. Come on, this is a perfect gift and companion. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $32.99 in Flash Sale


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