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It’s sunny so why not take advantage of it? The JJRC X13 RC drone is currently on sale at $131.99 with shipping costs included if you use our code. The drone features a stabilized 4K video, WiFi 5 (802.11 ac), a range of 500 m and high-end options, automatic return, subject tracking, GPS route, an ultra-wide-angle, etc. The JJRC X13 is an amateur drone equipped with GPS positioning system, brushless and folding engines. It features an HD camera on a 3-axis stabilizer so your videos and photos are stable despite the drone’s movements.

Buy JJRC X13 RC Drone at Geekbuying


JJRC X13 is a visual clone of the quadcopter DJI Phantom. Usually, manufacturers try to copy Mavic Air 2 and similar quadrocopters, but JJRC made a classic quadcopter. For $130 you can’t expect much, but nevertheless, at your disposal, you will get a drone with brushless, durable engines, as well as an acceptable camera for shooting video. Of course, this is not a professional quadrocopter at all, but for the entry-level level, the very thing is to understand whether you are interested in this topic. The JJRC X13 quadcopter has a classic Phantom design with a camera suspended at the bottom.

As for the JJRC X13 camera, it is certainly not top-end, it is just a camera on a very budget suspension. The manufacturer indicates that there is an anti-shaking function. But most likely it’s just digital image stabilization because in the photos presented by the manufacturer there are no damping pads under the gimbal. Or the camera is adjusted by the gimbal, the vibration will not disappear.

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The main advantage of this budget JJRC X13 quadrocopter will be the presence of brushless (brushless) motors. And this will mean high efficiency, as well as greater durability. If this drone with conventional brush engines, the price would be much lower. Another advantage will be the presence of a GPS system, which means that the quadrocopter will be very difficult to lose because if the battery dies or the control signal disappears. The JJRC X13 drone will return to its take-off place. Naturally, if you calibrated and the GPS module before the flight caught “the right number of satellites. In addition, thanks to this function, you will be able to land and take off with the press of just one button. This function will be very useful for beginners and who will fly a quadrocopter for the first time.

All modes are written in 20FPS. The camera cannot rotate along its axis, but it can tilt forward / backward to 90 °. The JJRC X13 quadrocopter is controlled either from the remote control or from your phone through the application via WiFi. The control panel has a classic look with a phone holder. On the main panel there are 2 control sticks, indoors / outdoors, return to the take-off point, sensor calibration. On the side panel: buttons for photos and videos, as well as two buttons for adjusting the angle of the camera:


The JJRC X13 is an RC drone that will suit beginners as well as demanding users since it offers two types of navigation: an “easy” mode and a mode for experts. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $131.99 by using coupon code: GKB8TH10 in Flash Sale.

Buy JJRC X13 RC Drone at Geekbuying

Update on July 1, 2020

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