Joking! Blackview is making a fake video to challenge user’s IQ


Recently blackview released a 6000mAh battery smartphone P2 with 9V/2A charger. To prove the charging speed, they took two videos to compare their device with another manufacturer who have been doing quite well in big battery smartphones—OUKITEL K6000 Plus. But after watching the two videos, it’s obviously pointless; they compare the two devices under unfair conditions.

First video: Blackview P2 vs Oukitel K6000 Plus -Comparison I

They compare antutu marks. The final result is that P2 is higher than K6000 Plus. But have you seen the difference? On the status bar, there are many notifications on K6000 Plus, and wifi is turned on, this means that they have downloaded many third party APPS on K6000 Plus. But on P2, quite clean, not much notifications, no wifi on. This is unfair comparison.

Another comparison is speed contrast for starting game. The same, they downloaded and opened many apps on k6000 plus and with wifi on, while P2 is quite clean and wifi is off.

Second video: Battery comparison Blackview P2 VS Oukitel K6000 Plus

They make the video showing that the P2 charging by 9V/2A flash charger is faster than K6000 Plus charging by 12V/2A flash charger? Do you believe it? How could it possibly happen?

As start, they plug in the charger to K6000 Plus first, but it has no react when plug in, but after plug in P2, it has a sign showing it’s charging immediately. This indicates that the K6000 plus is not charging! We all know that even though the device turns off automatically due to lack off power, but when you plug in charger, it should have a sign showing it’s charging right away. They delayed the charging time for K6000 plus!

OUKITEL made two videos showing their charging speed.

they have showing the charging time beside the charger, and start charging at the same time. By end of video, they also use a charging form to showing their charging timeline. While Blackview just tell the result that they have made.

Let’s continue the video taken by blackview for power consumption compare. As start, P2 is quite clean on main interface, while K6000 plus has run a third party process and antutu.

As the video starts, Blackview set their device screen very dark. And set OUKITEL and Iphone’s screen much brighter.

For a comparison video, at least the video should show us that they are under the same light, same volume, same device condition. But blackview didn’t show that the volumes are highest, screen in brightest state. Only show 100& battery is not enough, not convincing at all.

Honestly, I feel sorry for BLACKVIEW, to prove you are good enough doesn’t mean you can make fake videos. Can’t believe they cheated on their official video and post online. I know BLACKVIEW need to advertise their product, but this lying video is just trying to lower everyone’s IQ and seems funny.


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