JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone| Colorful LED Light, Altitude Hold, 6-Axis Gyro| Design, Features, Review (Coupon Inside)


JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone is a multifunctional quadcopter. It’s equipped with high-quality shell, reinforced and tough propeller, which make it incredibly strong. This aircraft has to leave four arms easy to stretch out and in. It also gets 3D flip, headless mode, one-key return, speed switch functions which feature high performance and secure flight.


JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone has Unique fuselage design and high-quality painting, outstanding appearance, Upgraded with a 2.4G 4CH transmitter for your easy control, equipped with latest 6-axis flight control system, provides super stable flight. it particularly interesting appeared otherwise in relation to switch machines available, it supports Android and IOS, now you could manipulate this system with the software with your fingertips, it takes after any path you draw at the display screen with and particular function with FPV transmission.

JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone has measure 9 * 9 * 3cm and weighs approximately 24g. JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone design nonother than any stunning copter layout its clever machine with a lovely appearance which enables absolutely everyone to appreciate and control the device, its the plan which goes to any course and not using an interaction.


It comes with the excellent features of tough Construction Durable plastic development gives both delicacy and unbending nature. Also, the defensive monitor ring is of high continuance and adaptability for an extraordinary effect. it has the fun of Flying With the 2.4G 4CH remote control framework, the automaton can fly up/down/forward/in reverse, turn left/right and direct left/right sideward flight. The 6-Axis gyro and height hold mode enable you to work the automaton skillfully soon. there are multi-functions of Headless mode, 3D flips, high/ low-speed switch, one key takeoff/landing and one key return capacities for you to encounter cool flying play. it has Flying Photography Wifi FPV continuous transmission and You can control your automaton by transmitter or telephone or both. The Gravity Sensor Control capacity will offer you considerably more fun. The LED streak light empowers you to fly oblivious during the evening and simple to recognize the head and tail. The creatively designed led lights of this mini quadcopter are fitted for night flight possibilities, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance which is more interesting and exciting.

Where To Shop

Overall the JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone is a nice looking quadcopter, With unique features and easiness in flying, the JXD 532 Mini Neon Night is the drone for all of us. JXD 532 Mini Neon Night Drone is now available on TOMTOP just at $16.79 using 220 points and Coupon Code: HY3NGD.


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