Kandao Obsidian Pro Released: The World’s First 8-lens, 12K 12Bit Raw Video


Kandao Tech held a new product launch conference at Beijing Sony Imaging Center today, officially releasing the world’s first 12K 3D ultra-high-definition professional VR camera Kandao Obsidian Pro.  The main features of Kandao Obsidian Pro include native support for shooting 12K*12K 30FPS 3D panoramic video, and support for 60FPS super-resolution 12K*12K 3D panoramic video production; equipped with 8 APS-C sensors, providing better than M4/3 sensors Image quality performance; equipped with 8 customized super 6K f2.8 large aperture fisheye lenses, 14 elements and 10 groups of precision technology to ensure film-level imaging effects; groundbreaking use of electric control to achieve two optional focus distances, multiple aperture gears; Support 12-bit RAW video and full I-frame video format recording; integrated SSD module to meet 8 lens ultra-high-speed data storage.

With immediate effect, Kandao Obsidian Pro is now available for global pre-sales, and shipments are expected to begin on May 20. The stand-alone price is 159,000 yuan, the camera + 4T SSD storage kit is 175,000 yuan, the camera + 8T SSD storage kit is 188,000 yuan, and the camera + 16T SSD storage kit is 229,000 yuan.

Movie-level 3D VR, 12K ultra-clear

Kandao Obsidan Pro is the world’s first 12K ultra-definition VR film and a television camera. It supports native shooting and output of 12K 30fps 3D panoramic video. With Kandao’s exclusive algorithm, it can also achieve 12Kx12K 3D panoramic video output with a high frame rate of up to 60fps.

Kandao Obsidian Pro is equipped with 8 24 million pixel APS-C large-area image sensors and has a dynamic range of 14 stops, and the sensitivity ISO can be as high as 12,800. Even in extremely dark scenes, the dark picture and depth information can be clearly captured.

Full-link ultra-high-definition video recording ensures that Kandao Obsidian Pro has fine details and a wide dynamic range. Even if the 12K VR video is oversampled to 8K video, the picture will be more delicate and more than direct shooting in 8K. detail.

In order to meet a large number of mobile shooting needs in film and television production, Kandao Obsidian Pro also has a built-in nine-axis gyroscope, combined with the SuperSteady super anti-shake algorithm, which can perfectly avoid the jelly effect and easily achieve film-level anti-shake pictures.

Introduce the aperture and focus electric control in the panoramic camera

Kandao ObsidianPro is designed with an eight-lens structure and is equipped with 8 customized ultra 6K lenses. Each lens has a field of view of up to 195°, ensuring that every 360° frame can be captured by 3 lenses at the same time, and the image field coverage is as high as 300%. It can perfectly meet the needs of panoramic stitching and 3D video rendering.

Kandao Obsidian Pro pioneered the addition of electronically controlled iris and variable focal length lenses to VR panoramic cameras through customized lenses. Its maximum aperture is f2.8, supports f2.8 to f16 and up to 16 levels of exposure adjustable. The zoom lens supports two focus distances of “near range” and “normal”, meeting the shooting needs of different distances at large apertures, empowering VR Film and television practitioners to realize precise depth-of-field control and dynamic fuzzy creation.

Support 12bit RAW video, 14bit RAW photo shooting

Kandao Obsidian Pro supports shooting 12bit RAW format 3D panoramic video, RAW format can record all image information and retains the rich colour information from light to dark to the greatest extent. Compared with 10bit, 12bit video can more effectively avoid colour breaks during post-grading, and provide a wider post-production space.

Kandao Obsidian Pro supports the native shooting of 14bit RAW binocular VR photos. It can also use the DNG8 continuous shooting mode to further improve the low-light imaging quality.

When shooting 12bit RAW video, the writing speed is as high as 22160Mbps/s, which means that a stable storage solution is required when recording in 12K RAW format. Kandao Obsidian Pro adopts an integrated SSD storage module design, which effectively guarantees the high speed and stability of data storage. The storage capacity is 4T/8T/16T optional.

In order to ensure long-term stable shooting of 12K video, Kandao Obsidian Pro adopts an innovative heat dissipation structure design, built-in 4mm sixteen heat pipes for heat dissipation at the same time, supplemented by 120mm ultra-large air cooling, to jointly build a complete set of efficient heat dissipation system.

Control, audio, transmission… Creation support

In order to allow creators to monitor the tuning parameters in real-time while shooting, a brand new visual operation video has been added to the body of Kandao Obsidian Pro. Creators can adjust parameters sensitively through the screen of the fuselage, or connect to a mobile phone App via a wireless network to realize remote FHD real-time preview, and switch between single-lens and panoramic previews. At the same time, it supports full parameter adjustments such as exposure, white balance, focus distance, and shooting mode.

Kandao Obsidian Pro also supports Wi-Fi6 and Bluetooth5.0, provides MIMO2×2, realizes high-definition preview, transmission is farther and more stable, and the App remote control connection is more convenient.

In terms of audio solutions, Kandao Obsidian Pro has built-in 8 directional microphones for 360° sound reception and is also equipped with a 3.5mm audio input interface and a USB Type-C interface to support the access of professional audio capture devices.

Kandao Obsidian Pro is equipped with a 10 Gigabit Ethernet port, with a transmission peak of up to 10Gbps, and it only takes 40 seconds to download 50GB of media materials.

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At the press conference, Shenzhen Saw Tech CEO Chen Dan also announced the launch of the Kandao Obsidian Pro Ambassador Program, recruiting the top film and television VR creators around the world, providing Kandao Obsidian Pro prototype support, and helping them shoot the most professional films. Creators can apply for ambassador qualification through official directed invitation or official email address ( marketing@kandaovr.com ).


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